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Email Search Tools

Email Search Tools is a Google Chrome extension that is presented by Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. While you might be unfamiliar with this company, our research team is very familiar with it because it stands behind a ton of potentially unwanted programs, including Your Search Tool, Find A Flight Pro, Breaking News Plus, or Watch Movies Live. They are all introduced as beneficial and reliable tools, but most users find them to be pretty useless. That is because they are unable to offer exclusive or highly beneficial services. The PUP we are discussing in this report cannot do more than offer you a search tool, and this tool cannot be trusted. These are the reasons we recommend deleting this PUP from your browsers, but of course, you do not need to trust our recommendation blindly. Instead, you should read this report to understand how it works, and then you will be able to decide for yourself what you want to do. If you decide to remove Email Search Tools, you will find information about several different options.

Just like most Eightpoint/Mindspark extensions, Email Search Tools has its own download website. That is However, the PUP can only be installed from the Chrome web store, and the installer is found at According to the official information, the PUP is meant to help you access your email account directly from your search bar. You are supposed to enter “email” into Chrome’s address bar, then tap the “Tab” or “Space” key on the keyboard, and finally type in the name of the email provider. Afterward, you should be introduced to a login page that helps you access your email account. Clearly, Email Search Tools is not useful because you can easily access your email accounts via your browser without any extensions present or using legitimate email applications (e.g., Thunderbird). You can even bookmark your email accounts for easy access. So, if you downloaded the PUP hoping that it would somehow help you access your email accounts easier, it is most likely that you will decide to delete it immediately.

Besides the fact that Email Search Tools is quite useless, it is also not very trustworthy. First of all, once installed, it can read and change your data, read browsing history, and also change search settings. If you install the PUP, is automatically set as the default search provider, new tab page, and also homepage. It seems that the main function of this website is to introduce you to an unreliable search engine. We have identified it as being unreliable because it shows Yahoo Search results that are modified. Since Yahoo Search is a popular and respected search engine, many users might assume that the results shown by Email Search Tools via can be trusted. Unfortunately, it is likely that they cannot be trusted because the modified results are likely to include ads from unknown third parties. If you review the Privacy Policy supporting the PUP and you are not comfortable with the information that is introduced to you, we suggest performing removal immediately. The good news is that removing the PUP is an easy task.

As you can see by looking at the guide below, you have to delete Email Search Tools extension and clear browsing data on Google Chrome to get rid of the PUP completely. The guide should help you perform removal yourself. However, if you are not familiar with the steps shown below, you can always install anti-malware software that is designed to find and delete malware and PUPs manually. Convenience is not the only reason to install this software. If the PUP was installed along with other programs – for example, if it was introduced to you via a bundled downloader – you might have to eliminate several threats at the same time. Also, you might be interested in securing your operating system, since there are far worse things than PUPs. If you want to keep your operating system secure, you need to protect it appropriately. Note that if there are any questions we can answer about Email Search Tools and its removal, you should post them in the comments area below.

Email Search Tools Removal

  1. Open Google Chrome and tap keys Alt+F.
  2. Click Moore tools and then click Extensions to find the PUP.
  3. Click the Remove button next to the unwanted extension.
  4. Tap keys Alt+F keys again and choose Settings.
  5. Under Privacy and security, click Clear browsing data.
  6. In the Advanced menu, select a time range and the desired boxes.
  7. Click Clear data and then restart your browser.
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