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Breaking News Plus

If you have downloaded the Breaking News Plus extension, it is likely that you are interested in following the latest news. Most likely, you assumed that the extension would be useful just by looking at the description presented at getnewsquickly.net or chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/breaking-news-plus/knjdgcknfloigdnhcbonnkonhafghinn, which are the official download website and the Chrome web store installer for Google Chrome users. The thing is that not all programs are beneficial just because they claim to be. This particular extension was created by Eightpoint Technologies Ltd., and trusting the programs, add-ons, and search tools introduced by it is risky. Did you know that this company stands behind Watch Movies Live, Easy Gaming App, Weather Forecaster, Find My Nascar Lineup, and many other extensions that are classified as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), all of which should be deleted? We recommend removing Breaking News Plus because it is a PUP as well, and if you continue reading this report, you will learn exactly why trusting this add-on is risky.

Did you download Breaking News Plus on its own? If you used the official downloader or the installer introduced via the Chrome web store, it is most likely that you did not install anything else. However, it is possible that you could have been introduced to the installer of this PUP by a third-party downloader. Software distributors do not miss the opportunity to promote less popular apps and extensions, along with something that might be much more desirable. If this is how Breaking News Plus got into your system, it would be a mistake to focus on this PUP alone. Instead, you should install a trusted malware scanner. This tool would immediately let you know what threats you might have to deal with. Obviously, if more serious threats are found, you want to delete them first, but if the PUP is the only thing you need to deal with, we suggest wasting no time. As soon as it is installed, data-trackers that belong to the extension start collecting information about you and your browsing history. This information can be used to profile you and help advertisers push more personalized offers.

After installation, Breaking News Plus introduces the https://hp.hbreakingnewsplus.com/ page via your web browser. It looks like a normal search engine with a few easy-access links and a search dialog box. Since the extension is meant to provide you with breaking news, it is no wonder that the links route to yahoo.com/news, edition.cnn.com, and foxnews.com, all of which are popular news sources. The news highlights that are shown in the center and represented via news.mynewswire.co, which is not a popular or trustworthy news source. That is pretty much all that Breaking News Plus is good for, and since you can easily access any of the mentioned news sites on your own, the extension is considered to be useless. Well, it still provides you with a trustworthy search engine, right? That is not right. If you enter search keywords into the search dialog box, you are redirected to Yahoo Search, but even though the engine is trustworthy, the results are not because they are modified by the PUP. This is the platform that the creator of the PUP uses to advertise third-party offers. As you might know already, interacting with a search engine like that is dangerous, and that is another reason to delete Breaking News Plus ASAP.

You can delete Breaking News Plus using the guide below. It includes steps that explain how to clear browsing data too, and if you take them, the data-tracking tools used by the PUP will be eliminated as well. Needless to say, it is important that you address all other threats that could exist on your operating system at the same time. Employ a malware scanner to identify them or, better yet, install a legitimate anti-malware program that will scan your system, remove threats, and also reinforce overall protection at the same time. The implementation of this software is especially recommended if you discover multiple threats on your operating system and if you are worried about your system’s protection in the future. In case you want to discuss anything else about Breaking News Plus or its removal, leave your questions in the comments area below the guide.

Breaking News Plus Removal

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt and F keys to launch the Chrome menu.
  3. Click More tools and then Extensions.
  4. Remove the extension named Breaking News Plus.
  5. Open the Chrome menu again and click Settings.
  6. Click Clear browsing data (under Privacy and security).
  7. Move to the Advanced section.
  8. Choose a time range and boxes.
  9. Click Clear data and then restart the browser.
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