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My Flight Finder Tab

My Flight Finder Tab is introduced to Google Chrome users as a Productivity app on the Chrome web store ( Just recently, this strange extension was officially introduced to Chrome users at, but if you try visiting this website right now, you are shown a message indicating that the “product is temporarily unavailable.” Nonetheless, you can still download it using the installer found on The Privacy Policy found on this website suggests that the add-on was created by Eightpoint Technologies Ltd., a company that, allegedly, is located in the Cayman Islands. Our team is familiar with this company because it has been linked to EasyCouponsAccess, Best File Converter, EarthAndSatelliteMaps, and many other potentially unwanted programs that we know as PUPs. Obviously, all of them should be deleted, and in this report, we want to show you how to remove My Flight Finder Tab.

Once My Flight Finder Tab is installed, you might think that your entire Chrome web browser was hijacked. In reality, only the new tab page was modified, and once you delete the extension, things will go back to normal automatically. Some users might find the interface of My Flight Finder Tab to be quite useful. That is because when you launch your browser, you are shown a list of quick-access links to third-party sites. At the top, you can find links to,,,,,,,, and also These websites are meant to offer services that seem to compliment the PUP itself. After all, it is supposed to help you find flights and plan your next trip. The thing is that the PUP does not offer original services. In reality, it only promotes links to other websites, and so it is quite useless. On top of that, it is also not very reliable, and that is the main reason we recommend removing it ASAP.

There are two big issues with My Flight Finder Tab besides its uselessness. First of all, the extension uses data tracking technologies to track the activity and preferences of users. Most online services are capable of that, but if the service is not useful, and if the service provider is not trustworthy, cookies should be removed along with the extension. Why? That is because users do not want information about them and their activity to be recorded and, potentially, shared with others. It is most likely that My Flight Finder Tab records information so that it could deliver more appropriate search results. Even though you should be routed to Yahoo Search if you entered search keywords into the search box, that does not mean that the results you face can be trusted. The PUP modifies the results, which means that it injects additional links into normal results. Unfortunately, these additional injections could represent misleading ads, promote suspicious services and products, and maybe even route to malicious sites. To put it simply, using the search tool presented by the potentially unwanted program is not a good idea, and we do not recommend it. The best thing you can do right now is delete the PUP for this very reason.

At the time of research, only Google Chrome users had to deal with My Flight Finder Tab. If you have this PUP installed on a different browser, let us know in the comments section, and we will update the removal guide. Right now, it consists of steps that show how to delete the PUP from Chrome, as well as how to clear browsing data to ensure that no data trackers remain active. We are sure that the removal of the PUP can be handled manually, but if you have other PUPs or maybe even malicious infections to worry about, it is best if you install trusted anti-malware software. It will automatically delete My Flight Finder Tab and everything else that requires it. The best part about this software is that it can protect you against new threats in the future, and so if you worry about facing new infections, we strongly recommend that you employ legitimate and up-to-date anti-malware software today.

My Flight Finder Tab Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome and then tap keys Alt+F to access the menu.
  2. Click More tools to expand your options and then click Extensions.
  3. Find the undesirable extension and then click the Remove button next to it.
  4. Tap Alt+F one more time but this time click Settings.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced to expand the menu.
  6. Under Privacy and security click Clear browsing data.
  7. In the Advanced menu, choose the time range and boxes, and click Clear data.
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