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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans


There are many different kinds of malware waiting for the opportunity to attack you, and while some of them are pretty harmless, threats like InnfiRAT can be extremely dangerous. This infection is a RAT, which stands for “remote access Trojan.” A Trojan, as you might know, is a malicious infection that often uses disguises to slither in without notice. It could use bundled downloaders to hide itself, or it could try to appear harmless (e.g., mimic a document file sent to you via email) to trick you into executing it. The infection is classified as a RAT because it enables remote access for the attackers behind it. That means that once it slithers into an operating system, cybercriminals can access it to gather all kinds of data. Unfortunately, as our researchers report, this particular RAT is exceptionally intrusive, and the data it might record could lead to a severe security breach. Whether you need to remove InnfiRAT or you are just seeking some information about it, you should continue reading this report.

At its core, InnfiRAT is a tool for cybercriminals to enter your operating system, and it also can be used to perform very important tasks. First and foremost, this threat paralyzes the operating system as much as possible. It can do that by terminating processes that include taskmgr, procceshacker, procmon, procexp, pchunter, and procexp64. It also can terminate running browsers that include Amigo, Chrome, Firefox, Kometa, Opera, Orbitioum, and Torch. By doing this, InnfiRAT ensures that victims cannot figure out that malware has slithered in or cannot stop and remove right away. Blocked access to the browsers might also make it harder for the victim of the RAT to research it and figure out what needs to be done to delete it. Once that is done, the Trojan can start gathering information. It executes the commands that cybercriminals can set from a remote server, and these might include capturing screenshots of all opened windows. Unfortunately, this could help cybercriminals gather extremely sensitive information.

On top of that, InnfiRAT can check the operating system for Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets. If those exist, the threat can steal information associated with them, and this could lead to financial instability. It was also found that the RAT can steal web cookies from Amigo, Chrome, Firefox, Kometa, Opera, Orbitium, and Yandex web browsers. As you might know, web cookies can store information about users and their interaction with certain websites. Some cookies can even contain login credentials, and if cybercriminals managed to steal those, it is possible that they could hijack accounts. After stealing information, InnfiRAT deletes cookies. To make matters worse, the threat can set up a scheduled task for the %APPDATA%\NvidiaDriver.exe file to ensure that it runs and automatically gathers sensitive data at specific times and repeatedly. Needless to say, the RAT can give cybercriminals a great deal of power, and they could use it to steal your virtual identity, hijack your accounts, appropriate your assets, jeopardize your security, and do other terrible things. It goes without saying that this malware needs to be stopped.

You can refer to the guide below to learn about the removal of InnfiRAT. The RAT is likely to operate using a file named “NvidiaDriver.exe” in the %APPDATA% directory, but, of course, it could always be renamed to confuse you. While we cannot guarantee success if you choose to delete InnfiRAT manually, we can guarantee that the infection would be fully eliminated if you employed reliable anti-malware software. Of course, you want to employ software you can trust because if you employ something that does not offer you support and reliable services, you will end up being disappointed. Furthermore, if you employ malware that is posing as security software, you could expose yourself to more security issues. Besides the complete removal of malware, anti-malware software is also meant to protect your operating system, and the idea is that if your system is protected at all times, you will be at better odds of evading malicious threats. If we can help you with anything or answer any of your questions, you should use the comments section below.

InnfiRAT Removal

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+E (launched Explorer).
  2. Enter %APPDATA% into the field at the top.
  3. Right-click and Delete a file named NvidiaDriver.exe.
  4. Exit Explorer and then Empty Recycle Bin.
  5. Run a full system scan using a reliable malware scanner.
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