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Danger level 3
Type: Adware


VeePN is an extension that can provide VPN services for Google Chrome users. VPN applications are rather popular among users who want to ensure safe browsing as well as those who wish to access geographically restricted content on the Internet. If you are looking for such a program yourself and came across this extension, we recommend learning more about it first. According to our researchers, it has been classified as a potentially unwanted program. It means that the plugin could work in an annoying or undesirable manner. You can learn more about this VPN extension if you read the rest of our article. Also, we can offer our removal instructions for users who may want to get rid of VeePN manually; you can find them at the end of this article. Below the guidelines, you should see our comments section, where you can leave us a message if you have any questions about the extension or its deletion.

One could come across VeePN while visiting its official website called or browsing the Chrome Web Store page. Also, like many potentially unwanted programs, the plugin could be distributed through pop-ups or other advertisements, bundled software installers, and so on. Thus, if you want to stay away from potentially unwanted programs in the future, we recommend keeping away from unreliable file-sharing websites and ads.

Moreover, if you want to make sure that the tools you install will be trustworthy, you should always do a little research on programs that you want to download. Besides reading an application’s description, you should find out if a reputable company developed it and whether it has any negative user or expert reviews. For more protection, you could keep a reliable antimalware tool. It might be able to warn you about doubtful programs and other material. Most importantly, it may help you keep your computer safe from malware.

Our researchers who tested VeePN say that it’s provided VPN services work, although the extension may work only on Google Chrome browsers. Upon adding it to your browser, you might be asked to agree with the following permissions: Read and change all your data on the websites you visit, Display notifications, Manage your apps, extensions, and themes, Communicate with cooperating native applications, and Change your privacy-related settings. It is quite a lot of permissions, and you may want to think about if you are going to give them to a potentially unwanted program.

The first permission could make it possible for an application to replace advertisements that you would normally see with ads from the program or its third-party partners. The second permission for displaying notifications could mean more advertising content while you browse. As for the permissions to manage your apps or change your privacy-related settings, they could allow the extension to make changes that you might not necessarily want. We do not say that the mentioned permissions could be required for the purposes described in our examples, but there is a possibility they could be.

All in all, VeePN appears to be providing what it promises, and it does not seem to be malicious. However, users should not forget that it falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs and that it is possible the extension could have undesirable qualities. If you decide you do not want to keep such a tool on your computer, you could eliminate VeePN either manually or with the help of a reliable antimalware tool. If you select the first option but have no idea where to start, we can offer our removal instructions placed at the end of this paragraph. For users who pick the second option, we recommend installing a reliable antimalware tool and performing a full system scan.

Erase VeePN

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F.
  3. Pick More tools and click on Extensions.
  4. Find the potentially unwanted program.
  5. Click the Remove button near it.
  6. Select Remove.
  7. Close the browser
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