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If you have downloaded the StreamMe extension onto your Google Chrome web browser, you must have expected it to provide you with free streaming services. After all, that is what the name of this PUP (potentially unwanted program) implies, and the image displayed on the Chrome web store – which is where the extension can be downloaded from – states that the app can help “Watch your favorite content 24/7.” This is what is used to lure users in. However, if you take a closer look, you should realize that the extension does not offer streaming services at all. Instead, it is only meant to offer “TV-related content,” as well as “updates on your favorite shows.” Basically, this PUP is a search engine, and an unreliable one at that. While virtual security is our main concern in this situation, most users will remove StreamMe because it does not offer beneficial services. In either case, we recommend deleting this PUP.

So, did you download StreamMe from the Chrome web store? Most Chrome users trust this source, and the PUP is found at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/streamme/lakbopfgpohfkbdjhhkmmbhkijbapghd. If this is the source you used, you know that the PUP can read your browsing history, change search settings, and manage apps/extensions/themes. As soon as you initiate the installer, a pop-up warning you about these permissions is displayed, and so you cannot miss it; unless you ignore the content completely. On the other hand, if StreamMe was introduced to you using a third-party installer, you might be unaware of these privileges, and that might make it harder to understand this add-on. On top of that, third-party installers could bundle the PUP along with something else. Have you scanned your system already? If you have not done it yet, we recommend that you initiate a full system scan immediately. A reliable malware scanner will help you determine if there are other threats that require removal or if you can focus on deleting the suspicious PUP. Note that although it might not look harmful at first, it is definitely suspicious.

The homepage of StreamMe is stream-me.com, and here you can find videos in such categories as “Top Videos,” “Most Viewed,” “Celeb,” “Education,” “Kids,” and so on. Basically, this platform is similar to youtube.com, vevo.com, or dailymotion.com. Of course, stream-me.com does not have a library of videos that could be comparable to these popular platforms, and the originality or quality of the content is dubious as well. That being said, it does offer real videos. Once you install StreamMe, you are supposed to use your browser’s address bar to activate the PUP’s search engine. You can enter “stream” (although after installation, the instructions suggested entering “movies”) into the address bar and then tap the TAB or SPACE key on the keyboard to activate it. When you enter a search keyword, you are routed to stream-me.com/search/[keyword]. For example, if you entered “The Sopranos,” you would find some videos related to your keyword, but you could not stream the popular show. However, if you do not activate the unique search tool, all searches via the address bar are redirected to Yahoo Search via feed.stream-me.com/?q, and that is because the PUP hijacks the default search provider. We do NOT recommend trusting the results because they could contain content injected by the PUP’s creator.

In conclusion, StreamMe is not an extension that is beneficial; however, it is an extension that can change browser’s settings to accommodate the needs of its developer and advertising partners. Without a doubt, we recommend deleting StreamMe from your Google Chrome browser. You can do it manually using the guide below, but if you scan your system and threats are found, employing anti-malware software that can erase them all automatically is the better option. After you eliminate the PUP, your default search provider should go back to normal, but some traces of it could be left behind, which is why it is also a good idea to clear browsing data. You can do it via a menu that opens when you tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete buttons together. If you have questions about this process or the potentially unwanted program overall, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments area below.

Stream-me Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap keys Alt+F.
  3. In the Chrome menu, click More tools.
  4. Select Extensions to find all installed extensions.
  5. Click the Remove button next to the SteamMe extension.
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