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If your Windows operating system is running much slower for no apparent reason, AcruxMiner is one of the infections that you need to think about. This threat is a crypto-currency miner, and it is capable of employing your system’s resources for the process of mining. Unfortunately, this threat is capable of doing much more than just mining. It was discovered that it can also steal crypto-currency, as well as steal passwords from installed browsers (if passwords are saved). Without a doubt, you want to prevent this malicious threat from slithering into your operating system, and you want to remove AcruxMiner if it managed to slither in already. The first thing we recommend doing before you continue reading is scanning your operating system. Once a reliable malware scanner is done inspecting it, you will know exactly which threats must be deleted. Obviously, if you are warned about the miner, you must act quickly.

So, did you scan your Windows operating system? Hopefully, you did, and you know for a fact that the malicious AcruxMiner exists. Depending on the tool you used, this infection could be introduced to you by different names, including Trojan.Bitcoinminer or Trojan.Coinminer. As you can see, the miner is identified as a Trojan, and that is because it is clandestine and, in many cases, might use disguises to gain access to the operating system. According to our research team, AcruxMiner is sold on underground Russian forums, and it sells for as little as $50-$100. This is peanuts for cyber attackers who can rake in much larger sums using the clandestine miner. According to the information that is used to sell the miner, it is heavily customizable, which the attackers can do using the provided administrator’s panel. The threat comes with manuals that show how to spread the loader, which is installed from the Internet. It is also suggested that it has an auto-recovery functionality and that it cannot be deleted from Startup, which, obviously, should stop victims from removing the threat successfully.

Once AcruxMiner is fully established, it can grab files from the Desktop, steal .dat wallets, as well as steal passwords that are saved on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. All of this is done silently, and so you should not notice it. The process of mining, however, might not be so inconspicuous; especially if your operating system is older and is outdated. Such systems are much more sensitive to processes that require higher CPU (central processing unit) power. AcruxMiner could use up to 100% of CPU, and because of that, your system might slow down, and your computer might become noisier and physically warmer. In extreme cases, your system could crash, and irreversible damage could be made to the processing hardware. Cyber criminals need to hijack systems to mine crypto-currency because they need a lot of resources, which require energy. If they were using their own machines, they would be dealing with higher electricity bills, and they would not be able to mine as much as when using multiple machines across the world. Of course, if you check the CPU performance, and you see that it gets close to the 100% mark, do not rush to assume that you need to remove a miner. This could be caused by other processes, and so you should scan your PC first.

If you know that you need to delete AcruxMiner, we strongly recommend installing anti-malware software. Removing this clandestine Trojan manually can be difficult, and we cannot give you much guidance because the threat could look and act differently depending on who is running it. As you know already, this miner can be customized by whoever purchases it. The guide below shows how to terminate a malicious process, which might give you a little bit of time, but do not assume that once the process is killed your operating system is safe. You also need to think about protection against miners and other threats that could try to slither in, and if you install an anti-malware tool, this will be taken care of automatically. After you remove AcruxMiner and secure your system, you also want to change passwords to all of your personal accounts because if the infection managed to steal them, all of your accounts could be at risk. If you have any other questions about the infection, its activity, or its removal, post a comment below.
AcruxMiner Removal

Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose Task Manager.
Click the Processes tab and then click the CPU column to see which processes are using the most CPU.
If you do not recognize the process, right-click it and choose Open file location to find the .exe file connected to this process.
If you are convinced that the process belongs to a miner, End task and then Delete the .exe file.
Scan your operating system using a reliable malware scanner to check what else you need to remove.

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