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Search By PrsstMusic

If you download an extension called Search By PrsstMusic onto your Google Chrome web browser, you do not really understand how it works. Maybe you have been tricked into thinking that this extension is highly beneficial? Maybe you installed it without even meaning to because it was bundled with something much more attractive. Whatever the case might be, if this potentially unwanted program was installed, you need to delete it. Of course, we are not telling you what to do, and, in the end, you have to come up with your own conclusion because it is you who will be living with the consequences. So, what are the consequences of using this PUP? That is what we discuss in this report. Needless to say, we also show how to remove Search By PrsstMusic from your Google Chrome browser. A manual removal guide below is already available at the bottom of the page, but we strongly recommend that you continue reading this report to learn more about the suspicious extension first.

Most Google Chrome extensions can be found on the Chrome web store, and Search By PrsstMusic is located at This installer is quite informative, and, for example, it explains what kinds of privileges the PUP wants. If you install the extension, you have to agree that your data can be read and changed on various websites, that the tool can communicate with third-party websites, and that your search settings can be modified too. This is a lot for a tool that is meant to provide you with access to music. According to the information representing the installer, once you install Search By PrsstMusic, you can type “M” into the address bar and then use the “TAB” key to activate a special search tool that can help you find any song or any information about a certain artist. So, how does it work? When you type “M,” tap the “TAB” key, and enter any keyword, you are redirected to Is the information on this website useful? That depends on your point of view, but we do not think this service is useful. Ultimately, although it works as it should, that does not mean that you should not remove it.

If you do not use the default search provider as Search By PrsstMusic instructs you to, you are redirected to Yahoo Search. This is exactly what this potentially unwanted program was created for. Your search queries are redirected via, and the results shown at are modified. Aztec Media and BLPsearch can use this to showcase sponsored links, as well as track your virtual activity, which could help with advertising later on. Although you are warned about the changes regarding the default search provider, you are not exactly told that you would be redirected to Yahoo Search and that the results shown would be, potentially, unreliable. This, without a reason, is the main reason to delete Search By PrsstMusic from the browser. After all, you can easily go directly to to find music-related content. You certainly do not need a separate, suspicious extension for that. If you agree with us, and you want to remove the suspicious potentially unwanted program from your Chrome browser right away, we have a few different options to discuss.

As you can see by looking at the guide below, it is absolutely possible to remove Search By PrsstMusic manually. That, of course, does not mean that you should go with this option. It is important that you scan your operating system before you make any moves. If other threats are NOT found, and you decide that you can delete Search By PrsstMusic yourself, do not skip the clearing of browsing data. It is important that you clear the cache and get rid of any data-tracking cookies. If other threats ARE found, consider employing an anti-malware program. If threats and PUPs exist, this program will find and remove them all automatically. Furthermore, it will secure the system and keep it protected against threats and PUPs in the future. Hopefully, you have found your answer in this report, but if you want to discuss the PUP or its removal further, you can do so via the comments section.

Search By PrsstMusic Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F keys to access the Chrome menu.
  3. Click More tools to expand the menu.
  4. Select Extensions to find the list of installed extensions.
  5. Click the Remove button next to the undesirable extension.
  6. Tap Alt+F once more and select Settings.
  7. Scroll down and click Advanced to expand the menu.
  8. Click Clear browsing data (under Privacy and security).
  9. Choose the time range and boxes.
  10. Click Clear data and then restart the browser.
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