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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

BSS Ransomware

BSS Ransomware might want to come across as a dangerous computer infection, but in reality, it cannot cause a lot of damage. While it is still able to encrypt a number of files, it cannot reach all the files you keep on your computer. Therefore, there is no need to panic. Simply remove BSS Ransomware from your system right now, and then check the files that have been encrypted. The chances are that you can easily get them again, especially if you have downloaded them pretty recently. Therefore, scroll down to the bottom of this description for the manual removal instructions and terminate this infection for good.

Our research team says that it is not known how this infection spreads around. It is very likely that there is no mechanism that distributes BSS Ransomware at large in the first place. It is quite possible that the program is distributed locally by its developers across different forums or messaging systems, tricking users into opening the installer file and running it.

Either way, the point that users are involved in the installation process remains. Thus, it is important to remain attentive when you encounter new content online. If someone employs an urgent tone to make you download and install something, it is immediately fishy. Finally, if you are not sure whether the file you are about to open is safe or not, you can always scan it with a security tool of your choice. This way, you would most certainly avoid getting infected with BSS Ransomware or any other dangerous infection.

As far as the origins of BSS Ransomware are concerned, we don’t know who developed it, but we do know that the program is based on the Hidden Tear Ransomware code. There are a lot of ransomware programs that were based on the Hidden Tear code. To put it simply, Hidden Tear is an open-source program, and its code is available in public. So if a developer knows how to acquire that code, they can get it and customize it according to what they want the ransomware program to do.

Perhaps the most frustrating point about related ransomware programs is that you cannot apply the same decryption tool to all of them. Thus, even if BSS Ransomware is similar to other infections that were based on the Hidden Tear code, we cannot use currently available decryption to restore the files encrypted by BSS Ransomware. At the same time, it’s a relief that this program is such a half-assed infection, and it cannot damage many files.

So what happens when BSS Ransomware enters target computer? When you accidentally download and run this program, it starts encrypting the files in the same directory that it has landed. So, for example, if you saved the downloaded malicious file in the Downloads folder, all the files that you had in the said folder would have gotten encrypted, too. At the same time, if you regularly clean your Downloads folder, there is nothing much to worry about. For all its worth, BSS Ransomware might have tried encrypting an empty folder, too.

BSS Ransomware does try to act like your regular ransomware program though because after the encryption it displays a ransom note. The note says that your files have been encrypted, and now you have to send the criminals “some bitcoins or kebab.” The message doesn’t say anything about how one is supposed to proceed with the ransom payment, so it is clear that BSS Ransomware isn’t a fully developed infection. It is also very likely that this program is just a test run before something nastier. Thus, we have to gear up for it, and be ready to fight something worse.

As for the removal, you just need to delete the downloaded files that are responsible for the infection. It is very like that you have saved the ransomware installer in the same directory where you usually save the downloaded files. BSS Ransomware doesn’t drop any additional files, so it is easy to get rid of it. Once you are done with the manual removal, please do not forget to get yourself a powerful antispyware tool that would help you safeguard your system against various other threats later on.

How to Delete BSS Ransomware

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and Task Manager will open.
  2. Open the Processes tab and kill suspicious processes.
  3. Close Task Manager and go to the Downloads folder.
  4. Delete the most recently downloaded files.
  5. Use SpyHunter to scan your computer.
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