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Danger level 7
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel


SpeedTest3 is a browser extension offered for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users. Looking at its title, one can think the tool is designed to test Internet speed, but the application’s description does not mention it. All it says is the add-on should track your browsing and show you third-party advertising content. Such behavior might be unwelcome, especially if you had no idea the tool is going to display ads and was hoping it will only test your Internet speed. In such case, we would advise you not to waste any time on it any longer and erase SpeedTest3 with no hesitation. As you see it falls under the classification of adware, which suggests it is not trustworthy. Also, according to our researchers, it may show potentially dangerous advertising content. Therefore, we do not think it is worth keeping it installed. If you agree, we encourage you to follow the deletion instructions located below, although you should read the rest of the text first if you want to know more about the adware.

The extension is offered on Chrome Web Store page, but after seeing SpeedTest3 description, we doubt a lot of users would download it. It is said it can track the user's browsing and display third-party advertising. Thus, our researchers believe it is more likely the adware is being spread through pop-ups, banners, or fake download links. Such content could be encountered while clicking untrustworthy ads or visiting doubtful web pages, such as torrent or other P2P file-sharing sites. Consequently, we encourage you to avoid interacting with unreliable sites and advertisements in the future. If it is too difficult to determine which websites could be dangerous on your own, you should research unknown sites. Plus, make sure your browser is up to date as it might be able to detect possibly harmful content. Another good idea would be to employ a reliable antimalware tool as such software can guard the computer against various threats.

After adding SpeedTest3 on the browser, the user might get redirected to the extension’s website that provides a poorly designed Internet speed test tool. No doubt, there are more advanced free tools to choose from, which is one of the main reasons why we would not recommend using this add-on. Not to mention, it is an adware application as it can track you while you surf the Internet and then show you targeted advertisements from various third parties. If you take a look at the tool’s End User License Agreement (EULA) document, you should see it for yourself as the statements claim the extension can “display third party advertisements, including, but not limited to, popup/unders, text links, applications, and/or banner advertisements on your computer based on the web content you view.”

Furthermore, is also said SpeedTest3 developers take no responsibility for third-party advertising content, which means there are no guarantees it will be reliable. Moreover, you should also take a look at the EULA’s section called DISCLAIMERS; NO WARRANTIES. It says the adware’s developers take no responsibility for the extension too and they cannot guarantee it will not be “ERROR-FREE, UNINTERRUPTED, COMPLETELY SECURE OR VIRUS-FREE.” Naturally, we would not advise using an application that might not be virus-free.

All things considered, it seems to us SpeedTest3 developers are mainly concentrated into displaying targeted advertisements and not providing the best Internet speed tools. Since such content might be annoying and even potentially dangerous, we advise you not to take any chances and get rid of the adware at once. There are a couple of ways to delete the extension. The first option is to remove the add-on form your browser’s Extensions menu. To make the task easier, we placed step by step instructions explaining the process just a bit below the text.

Still, if they look too challenging, you can pick the second option which is employing a reliable antimalware tool. Just select a tool of your choice, set it to scan the system, and then wait till it displays a report and a deletion button you could click to eliminate SpeedTest3 and all other possible detections at once.

Erase SpeedTest3

Google Chrome

  1. Launch your Google Chrome.
  2. Submit the following link into the address bar: link: chrome://extensions
  3. Click Enter and find SpeedTest3.
  4. Press Remove to erase it.
  5. Exit Extensions menu.
  6. Restart your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+A.
  3. Go to Extensions.
  4. Find the undesirable application.
  5. Select it and click Remove.
  6. Restart the browser.
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