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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine


YaTab is considered to be a browser hijacker. According to our researchers, the application is untrustworthy since it encourages users to surf the Internet with a modified search engine that could display unreliable advertising content among results. For instance, the ads could redirect to scam web pages or promote other doubtful software. It may not necessarily show such material, but as there is a possibility it might, we do not recommend leaving YaTab unattended. If you decide to remove the browser hijacker, we can suggest our prepared deletion instructions placed at the end of this article. However, if you are not sure and want to learn more details about the application first, you could continue reading our article; in it, we will explain how the tool might be distributed, how it may work, and so on.

Our researchers noticed YaTab is currently available on Chrome Web Store page (chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/yatab/fkkfdilehekamhmocmkicmebbhcanobi). It does not look like the extension has a lot of users or any reviews. The description says it provides “A simple new tab page, with a personal dashboard featuring weather, to-do, notes and beautiful backgrounds.” No doubt, you can bookmark your favorite weather website to be able to check it fast, and as for to-do notes, there is an application called Sticky Notes that comes with Windows. Moreover, the software’s description says it offers bookmarks and browser history, but such features are already available in the browser. What we are trying to say is the extension might look useful at first, but if you take a closer look at it, you should realize it does not offer any tools you do not have already.

Furthermore, our researchers say YaTab might come with redirects or with pop-up advertisements. In which case, it is possible some users could encounter it while surfing file-sharing web pages or interacting with untrustworthy advertisements. To avoid browser hijackers or similar threats in the future, we would advise staying away from file-sharing websites. Most importantly, we recommend researching chosen applications before installing them. It is essential to learn what companies developed them, whether they have negative reviews, fall under classification of suspicious software, etc. Such research should be done to all programs, for example, extensions, toolbars, games, security tools, etc. A reliable antimalware tool might help you keep away from potential threats too as it could warn you about them, so if you do not have such an application yet, you may want to consider installing it for extra protection.

If installed, YaTab should change user’s default search engine and homepage. Instead of web pages previously set to load when searching the Internet or loading the browser, the user should see the browser hijacker's provided search website. During our research, we noticed it redirected our search queries through yatab.net and then ask.com. These redirections suggest the application could be modified, which means its results could be altered before displaying. This is how additional advertising content might appear among the results. The bad news is there is not knowing where it could originate from, which means some of the ads might be potentially dangerous. For example, they could redirect to sites asking to participate in fake surveys or to download other browser hijackers, etc. We cannot be entirely sure, such ads would show up as you search the Internet with the YaTab’s search engine, but it is possible, and if you do not want to risk seeing such material, we advise you to erase the extension.

There are a couple of methods to eliminate the browser hijacker. One of them is to erase YaTab from the browser’s Extension’s menu. Since, for now, the application is available only to Google Chrome users, the instructions below the article will explain how to delete it from this particular browser. The second way to get rid of the browser hijacker is to scan the computer with a chosen antimalware tool.

Eliminate YaTab

  1. Launch your Google Chrome.
  2. Submit the following link into the address bar: chrome://extensions
  3. Click Enter and find browser hijacker.
  4. Press Remove to erase it.
  5. Exit Extensions menu.
  6. Restart your browser.
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