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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


If you have downloaded anything using InstallCore, you need to check if the applications and programs you downloaded are not malicious. We are not classifying this installer as a malicious one, but our research team warns that malware distributors have been known to use it as well. The creator is a self-proclaimed leader in software delivery and distribution, and the service offers anyone an opportunity to build an installer that could be used to distribute any program. Without a doubt, legitimate and even useful programs could be spread using it. Unfortunately, potentially unwanted programs, adware, hijackers, unwanted search tools, unreliable extensions, malicious Trojans, and other kinds of threats could be distributed using it as well. This is the only reason the installer is classified as a potentially unwanted program. So, do you need to remove InstallCore-related malware? Continue reading, and you will find out. We also give a few tips that should help you delete it.

The services of InstallCore are promoted at installcore.com, but you cannot learn much about the parties using these services. In fact, when you download software, you might not even realize that you are using this particular installer, as you are more likely to be focused on the software itself. Also, the name is likely to be hidden altogether. All in all, when it comes to software installers, you need to look at a few things. First of all, is an official installer available? In some situations, you might be introduced to a completely legitimate program via a bundled installer controlled by a third-party distributor. This is why the recommendation is to trust official installers only. The second thing you need to be cautious about is software bundling. Legitimate programs can be bundled with other legitimate programs, but, in many cases, bundles are employed to attach malicious, unreliable, or simply useless programs to those that are more desirable. For example, an unreliable search tool could be attached to a free PDF converter. The search tool could be a hijacker employed to collect data, and the converter could be harmless. Obviously, if you do not want to deal with malware and its removal, you need to be cautious about the installers you use.

Not all malicious infections are easy to spot. While it should not be hard to realize that you need to remove a hijacker once you launch a browser and realize that it has been corrupted, spotting adware, Trojans, rogues, and other threats could be much more difficult. For example, a program posing as a free malware scanner or remover could be used to trick you into disclosing personal data and paying money for bogus services, and seemingly useful ad-blocking extensions could be used to flood your browsers with ads linked to scams and malware. Even if you do not suspect malware, you need to inspect your operating system using a legitimate malware scanner. Make sure it is legitimate! If it informs you about existing threats, do whatever it takes to delete them all. Not a single threat should be left unremoved. Maybe it is best to avoid all InstallCore installers? You do not need to go to such great lengths to protect yourself as long as you are cautious and vigilant.

You do not need to focus on deleting InstallCore. If the installer was used to download malware onto your PC, it is the malware that you need to remove. First, employ a trusted malware scanner to inspect your operating system. Once you know which threats you need to address, research them – if you want to eliminate them on your own – or install anti-malware software. If you take the manual removal route to eliminate InstallCore-related threats, you can refer to the guides already available on this site, or you can post a comment below to seek our assistance. If you do not have time, or you do not have the skills necessary to clean the operating system from malware, utilize an anti-malware program. This is, by far, the best option because the same program can simultaneously eliminate all threats and strengthen the protection of the operating system. Do not forget about the security of your system because that is crucial for the integrity of your own security.

Uninstall undesirable programs from Windows

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+R keys to launch the RUN dialog box.
  2. Enter control panel into the Open box. Click OK.
  3. In the Control Panel menu move to Uninstall a program.
  4. Right-click/select the undesirable program and then click Uninstall.
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