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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Music Browsing Extension

Music Browsing Extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, but specialists suspect that it may be distributed differently as well. In fact, research has shown that this is true. It has turned out that it may be spread bundled or even come as a redirect, so we would not be surprised at all if you told us that it had been installed on your computer without your knowledge. Users download this program consciously not without reason. It is presented as a beneficial tool that allows users to listen to songs and albums, create playlists, and find new music. In other words, it is promoted as an alternative to popular music streaming services. The application is quite useful, we have to admit, but it is not flawless, to say the least. The thorough analysis carried out by specialists has shown that it acts as a potentially unwanted application. Potentially unwanted applications are not malicious, but they cannot be called fully reliable software either. Therefore, if possible, all programs with the potentially unwanted software label should be erased from the system ASAP. Since so many different music streaming services are available on the market these days, you will definitely not have to live without music if you delete Music Browsing Extension from your system.

Music Browsing Extension promises to make it possible to listen to various songs and albums with the click of a button, so many users install this piece of software consciously. At the time of analysis, there were 379,633 Music Browsing Extension downloads from its official source – the Chrome Web Store, but we suspect that the number of users who have it installed on their computers is slightly higher since this piece of software may be distributed in different ways too. Many users click the Download button to get Music Browsing Extension, but they do not know one thing – this potentially unwanted program changes the default search provider once installed. This fact is not hidden from users: “Music Browsing Makes Yahoo your default search when you install it.” Yes, Music Browsing Extension will allow you to listen to music via; however, you will have to sacrifice your default web browser to its service. The new search tool set will redirect all your searches to Yahoo. According to researchers working at, there is a huge possibility that users will be presented with some modified search results as well. Additionally, even though the application works quite well, it may display ads to users, specialists say. You are the only one who has to decide what to do with it if you have found it installed on your computer, but if we were you, we would delete Music Browsing Extension from the system because, as has been mentioned, it is a typical potentially unwanted application.

You have probably installed Music Browsing Extension on your Google Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store, but if you are one of those users who simply cannot remember clicking the Download button consciously, it is very likely that this potentially unwanted program has entered the system differently in your case. Specialists say that this piece of software may travel bundled. Also, its developer may decide to promote it via pop-up ads. Last but not least, users might get redirected directly to the official Download page or another website promoting it after clicking on some kind of link found on the web. If Music Browsing Extension has already been installed on your computer one way or another, it is very likely that Media Start, another Google Chrome extension, has been installed on your computer too – they usually come together. Do not forget to remove the additional extension as well if you decide to get rid of Music Browsing Extension.

Potentially unwanted applications are almost harmless threats, but we would still not keep them installed if we were you because they are not considered 100% reliable and may cause you problems. Speaking about Music Browsing Extension, you will remove this browser extension easily with the help of the manual removal guide provided below this article. Luckily, the extension affects only Google Chrome. Your system will be cleaned and all untrustworthy applications removed if you scan your system with an antimalware scanner as well.

Delete Music Browsing Extension

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and press Alt+F.
  2. Click More tools and open Extensions.
  3. Select Music Browsing Extension.
  4. Click Remove.
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