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Speedy SystemCare

Speedy SystemCare might look like a legitimate and helpful program, but the reality is that it is yet another potentially unwanted program (PUP) that Windows users need to delete from their operating systems. Ideally, of course, you have not installed it yet, and you have found this report because you were simply looking for more information about it. If you have downloaded the PUP already, there are several things you need to think about. First of all, is the anti-malware software you are using capable of warning you about incoming PUPs? Second, how will you remove Speedy SystemCare from your operating system? Finally, do you need to eliminate other unwanted programs or malicious threats that might have been downloaded alongside? If you continue reading this report, you will learn more about the application, as well as how to get rid of it. The comments section is open for everyone, you do not need to register, and so if you have any questions after you finish reading, post them below.

The first thing we noticed when we started researching Speedy SystemCare is that it is almost identical to Power Speedup 2018, as well as a bunch of other PUPs that have been reported by our team in the past. Although it is not possible to determine who created these applications – especially since digital signatures are changed every time – it is possible that the same party is standing behind all of them. There are plenty of reliable companies that have released many different utilities or who offer many different kinds of services. However, when we encounter a party that releases different versions of the same program over and over, we have to check things out. So, is Speedy SystemCare a reliable and useful tool? It certainly is not. Whether you download it from winsyscareutils.net or a third-party site along with other questionable programs, it works the same. First, it “scans” the system to find allegedly real “Security Threats” and “Invalid Registry Items.” The issues that this scanner finds are not worth removal. In fact, it is unlikely that the PUP can find anything worth your attention. Sure, it might find some empty registries or temporary files that can be deleted, but that will not speed up your system.

Just like Power Speedup 2018, the suspicious Speedy SystemCare installs itself in a folder named “Speedy~SystemCare For [user name]” under %PROGRAMFILES% or %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%. If you can access this folder – and you should have no trouble with that – you can delete Speedy SystemCare files without much trouble. While the removal process is quite straightforward, the installation is not. Our research team informs that the process is not clear, and some users might not understand what is happening at all. That is not the only issue. Once the application is installed, and the scanner introduces you to questionable issues, you are then asked to pay 23.95 Euro for the full version of the PUP. Is the program worth it? It certainly is not. In fact, even if you pay money, the services will not get better. Of course, the questionable issues will be “repaired,” but that is not something you want to put your money towards. Even if you have invested in this suspicious program, we suggest deleting it.

Have you scanned your operating system? If you do not have a reliable malware scanner, install one now. Most of them are free, and so you have no reason not to. Just remember that fake scanners exist. It is important to inspect your operating system because you want to make sure that once you delete Speedy SystemCare, there is nothing left behind. If other threats are found, you must eliminate them too, and the sooner you do it, the better. Do you have no time or experience to eliminate PUPs or malware on your own? That is not a problem because you can utilize a reliable anti-malware program. If you install a good one, it will automatically remove Speedy SystemCare along with other threats and, simultaneously, will ensure full-time protection against threats in the future. Installing this program is what our expert malware researchers strongly recommend doing.

Removal Speedy SystemCare

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+R to launch RUN.
  2. Type control panel into the box and click OK to launch Control Panel menu.
  3. In the Programs menu click Uninstall a program.
  4. Right-click the Speedy~SystemCare app and choose Uninstall.

If you still use Windows XP, go to Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs and Remove the app with the same name.

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