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Fanatics Search

Fanatics Search is a potentially unwanted program that is compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers. Potentially unwanted programs are not malware infections, and they cannot cause serious harm to your computer directly. Nevertheless, there might be several security issues associated with such programs, and so it would be for the best to remove them all from your computer as soon as possible.

To remove Fanatics Search, please scroll to the bottom of this description for the manual removal instructions. If you think that there might be more potentially unwanted programs installed on your computer, you should scan your system with a security tool to detect them all.

Most of the time, users do not understand how Fanatics Search enters their computers because do not intend to install this application. Therefore, we can assume that the application gets installed on the target system accidentally through third-party distribution routes.

It is true that this program can be added to your browser as an extension, and you can find it at the Chrome Web Store and the Firefox Add-ons directory. The fact that it is there should be enough to prove that Fanatics Search is not dangerous at all. However, there are multiple shady applications available out there, and sometimes it is hard to manage and delete them all immediately.

Not to mention that Fanatics Search does not take the official routes that often. It is far more like that this program will arrive in a software package or through random ads and pop-ups. In other words, in order to avoid adding Fanatics Search to your browser, you have to be really careful about the websites you visit every single day. If a certain webpage happens to have a lot of pop-up ads, you should avoid clicking them at any cost. What’s more, sometimes a pop-up that offers adding a new extension might appear automatically, and if you click it without any second thought, Fanatics Search will be added to your browser just like that.

What happens when Fanatics Search is added to your browser? Well, it is not anything drastic, but sometimes users think that they get infected with a browser hijacker because Fanatics Search changes the default search engine settings. However, a browser hijacker is a type of application that modifies your browser’s settings without your permission. This potentially unwanted program, on the other hand, will change it with your consent.

You have never agreed to that? You might only think that. The truth is that you did agree to the modifications the moment you added Fanatics Search to your browser. If you did not read the pop-up that offered to add the extension, you probably didn’t see it. However, most of the time, potentially unwanted programs inform users about the modifications they are going to perform once they get installed. Therefore, once again, we would like to emphasize how important it is that you remain attentive when you browse the web and when you install new programs on your computer.

So let’s say Fanatics Search changed your default search engine. Can it provide you with a reliable search service? Probably not. The program does not have an original search engine, and it uses a modified version of the Yahoo! Search engine. What’s more, it redirects all of your search queries through blpsearch and then lands on Yahoo! Search. This means that your online activity is monitored for online marketing purposes. Fanatics Search cannot steal your personal information, but it can collect enough data to figure out your likes and preferences. While this type of behavior is not illegal, it might cause a variety of problems if the information falls into corrupted hands.

You can remove Fanatics Search by deleting the extension via your browser’s menu. However, if this program came bundled with freeware, you might have more unwanted apps on-board. To terminate them all, scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. When all the unwanted programs are located, delete them immediately.

Protect your system and your personal information from malicious exploitation by investing in a licensed antispyware tool, and do not forget that your online behavior is also very important. Avoid visiting unfamiliar websites, and download programs only from their official websites.

How to Remove Fanatics Search


  1. Press Alt+T and click Add-ons.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Remove the application from the list.


  1. Press Alt+F and click More tools.
  2. Select Extensions.
  3. Remove the app from the list.
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