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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel


Mysterybot is a malicious application cyber criminals have developed for Android devices. Research conducted by experienced specialists at has shown that it should work only on Android 7 and 8. Unfortunately, it is not very likely that you will notice that harmful malicious software is about to enter your device and successfully prevent its installation because it tries hard to stay unnoticed and, on top of that, works in the device’s background. Of course, an antimalware scanner should be able to detect it for you, so if you suspect that Mysterybot is active on your Android device, you should perform a full scan with an antimalware scanner instead of trying to detect Mysterybot on your device all alone. If it turns out that you have this threat active on your phone, tablet, or another device, you must delete it immediately because it is known to be a banking Trojan. In other words, this threat is capable of stealing sensitive information, so it must be disabled as soon as possible.

It has been observed that Mysterybot is usually distributed as a fake Adobe Flash Player application. Once it is downloaded and installed on the device by the user, it immediately gets administrative rights and then starts performing malicious activities. As mentioned, Mysterybot is considered a banking Trojan, so you should not find it surprising at all that it sits on affected devices waiting for a perfect opportunity to steal sensitive information. Cyber criminals use it to steal banking credentials primarily; however, it can also perform some other malicious activities. If you keep it active on your system, it is only a question of time when your contact list will be accessed by malware. Additionally, it might block all incoming calls and make it impossible to make an ongoing call. Third, it might delete all your texts from your device. Of course, it will not need your permission to perform this activity. Last but not least, it might steal all your emails and, additionally, it will log your keystrokes to obtain your login credentials. As can be seen, it is extremely sophisticated malware that brings a lot of problems to users whose devices it affects.

According to researchers, Mysterybot might also act as a ransomware infection. Technically, it does not lock files itself, but it installs another malicious application that starts scanning the system the second it is dropped on it. When users’ personal files are found, it puts them all in separate password-protected ZIP archives. As for original files, they are all deleted. You could no longer access your documents, images, videos, and much more if the ransomware infection puts them in archives. It is not all it does. You should also find a message claiming that your device is blocked due to watching adult videos on your screen soon after your files are archived. Victims are told that there is a way to unlock those archives. To find more information, they have to send an email to Without a doubt, you will have to pay money to get your files unlocked, but our piece of advice for you would be not to send a cent to cyber criminals. You do not know whether cyber criminals behind this infection will share the key that can unlock files with you, which means that there is a huge possibility that you will pay for nothing.

Android is no longer malware-immune. Hundreds of malicious applications are developed every day, so you must have security software installed on your device and act more carefully yourself. You should install apps from trusted sources, always read app permissions and never install apps that require administrative privileges, and, finally, you should read applications’ reviews on the web before you install them on your device.

It is never easy to delete sophisticated malware manually, so you should leave the Mysterybot removal for an antimalware tool as well. Yes, it can be erased manually too, but it is a very responsible job since all malicious components have to be erased completely to disable it. You will have to delete all recently downloaded files and remove apps you find suspicious. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that it will be enough to perform these two removal steps to erase Mysterybot fully.

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