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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans


Backdoor.Curioso is a malicious backdoor Trojan which is guaranteed to cause you computer hell. Backdoor.Curioso is able to actually go through your computer system via certain help from browser security exploits as well as other malicious devices. The most alarming aspect with regard to Backdoor.Curioso is that once your computer is infected with Backdoor.Curioso , remote attackers will have full access to your entire machine.

Backdoor.Curioso may display some of the following symptoms:
• Your desktop settings may change by itself.
• Your computers performance may slow down dramatically.
• Files may appear and disappear suddenly.
• You may be bombarded with annoying popups, that won\'t go away.
• You may feel like somebody is watching you.
• Backdoor.Curioso may redirect your internet browser.
• Various system changes may take place, with no explanation.
• Your computer may connect to the internet without you doing anything.

Backdoor.Curioso unfortunately also runs the risk of infecting many files on your computer, as well as modifying and deleting certain files, without your knowledge. It is imperative that you remove Backdoor.Curioso from your computer as soon as you detect that you may have it. The best removal method would be to invest in a decent antispyware application that is able to detect as well as remove Backdoor.Curioso for you.

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