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Danger level 5
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

CryptConsole v3 Ransomware

A new ransomware infection coded in C# on Microsoft .NET framework has been recently discovered by malware analysts. CryptConsole v3 Ransomware, as has turned out, is not a brand new malicious application. Researchers have evidence that it is a new version of Cryptoconsole Ransomware. We can assure you that it is as dangerous as its predecessor, so you should do whatever it takes to prevent it from entering your system. To make it clear – we do not expect you to protect your system from dangerous malware all alone; however, we cannot let you keep your system unprotected. If you could not prevent CryptConsole v3 Ransomware from entering your system and now see a command prompt window opened, close it right away. If the prompt is closed, it stops encrypting files on victims’ computers too and deletes itself completely. It is no longer a secret why cyber criminal develop ransomware infections. They are used as tools to obtain money from victims. Once they encrypt files, they demand a ransom in exchange for a decryptor. The price of the decryptor is unknown in this case, but you will get more information and payment instructions if you write a message to the email address indicated in README.txt dropped on your computer. If you ask us, we believe that paying money to cyber criminals is the worst users can do. You might not get your files back even if you make a payment. In fact, we do not even know whether the decryptor is really available.

CryptConsole v3 Ransomware opens a command prompt once executed. If it is not closed by the user, the ransomware infection mercilessly encrypts files found on the affected computer. These encrypted files include users’ pictures, documents, music, videos, and much more. Unlike some other infections analyzed by researchers at, it does not append a new filename extension to those encrypted files. Instead, they all get renamed, for example, your picture.jpg might become something similar to 6465736B766F702E696E69. CryptConsole v3 Ransomware not only encrypts and renames users’ personal files. You will also find a file README.txt dropped on your computer. It contains a personal ID, a short message, and two emails ( and Cyber criminals behind this malicious application are ready to decrypt one file for free. You can send a file smaller than 10MB to them, but you should not pay for decryption of all other affected files even if you get your file unlocked for free. They might not give you the decryptor after they receive your money. We cannot promise that you could unlock your files without the special tool, but we are sure you could easily restore your files if you have a backup. Since there are so many other infections that can ruin your files, make sure you create a backup and update it periodically.

It is not easy to talk about the distribution of threats that are not prevalent. The same can be said about CryptConsole v3 Ransomware – it has been discovered only recently. According to researchers, it should be distributed using old distribution methods. To be more specific, it should also be spread via spam emails, specialists say. As they have observed, malware is usually spread as an attachment, but emails promoting malware might contain malicious links too. In addition, users might download threats from dubious websites themselves as well. Of course, they expect to install some kind of useful application instead. Last but not least, it has been observed by specialists that malware might drop additional threats on the affected computer, so keep your system clean. No harmful threats will infiltrate your computer if a security application is kept on the system.

CryptConsole v3 Ransomware uses the strong AES encryption algorithm to lock files, so you will not decrypt a single one of them by removing this threat from your computer. Of course, we cannot give you permission to keep it active because it might lock more files on your computer when launched again. It does not seem to be one of those infections that start working on system startup, but you might accidentally launch it again. You do not need to be an expert to remove CryptConsole v3 Ransomware manually. It can be erased by removing its malicious file and a .txt file it has dropped.

How to remove CryptConsole v3 Ransomware manually.

  1. Inspect recently downloaded/opened files and delete the malicious one.
  2. Remove README.txt from your computer.
  3. Empty your Trash.
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