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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans


BackDoor-EEF is a malicious backdoor Trojan that may enter your machine through various manipulative methods. It will gain access to your machine, without your permission or consent and once it is on your machine, you will experience many unpleasant computer problems.The fundamental problem with regard to BackDoor-EEF is that it\'s main purpose is to cause vast amounts of chaos on your machine, as well as install all types of additional malware and threats that will harm your computer.BackDoor-EEF may proceed to copy itself onto other remote locations on your computer, as well as the factor that it may also execute certain processes, delete information, create information as well as modify certain system files within your machine.

Symptoms of BackDoor-EEF:
• You may start receiving strange warning messages.
• Stuff may start appearing that you didn\'t download or install.
• Files that you had, may start disappearing.
• Files may start recreating themselves.
• Dynamic Link Library files may start appearing.
• Duplicate files may start appearing all over your machine.
• You may land on other websites that you didn\'t go to.
• Your computers performance may start to decrease dramatically.

BackDoor-EEF needs to be removed from your system upon immediate detection. This means that the moment you suspect you have it running on your machine, you need to find it and remove it properly.

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