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Ember Relax Background

Ember Relax Background might offer you a relaxing experience, but we are not sure how it can be relaxing to have a potentially dangerous application on the system. As you see, the extension falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs. Such software is not considered to be malicious, but it may have undesirable qualities or might introduce the user to content that could be possibly harmful. Thus, if you are planning on installing this application or already have it on your Google Chrome, we would advise you to think about removing it. Naturally, if you continue reading our article, we will explain why we believe it would be for the best. What’s more, slightly below the text we will add instructions showing how to get rid of Ember Relax Background, so should you decide to erase this potentially unwanted program keep it in mind these steps may help you delete it faster.

Ember Relax Background is not a particularly new browser extension as our specialists have been researching it for some time now. First of all, we learned it works only on Google Chrome browsers. In fact, it was even available on Chrome Web Store page at one point, but it is no longer there. Our guess is the application might have been erased as it is considered to be a potentially unwanted program or because of possible users’ complaints. One way or the other, for now, the primary tool's source is its official website called freerealapp.cool. Our researchers noticed the extension could be distributed while showing pop-up ads leading to the mentioned site. Such content could be displayed to users who visit unreliable file-sharing web pages or other untrustworthy sites. Therefore, if you received the potentially unwanted program this way we would advise you to be more cautious with software advertised on pop-up ads, especially if you are seeing them on doubtful sites.

Another thing we learned about Ember Relax Background is it provides a tool that is supposed to help users relax. The description seen on the Chrome Web Store page while the extension was still distributed through it said the software could “Instantly drop into the world of particles.” To be more precise, it was said the tool “is a cosmic background where you could control color, speed and size of elements are flowing at the screen.” Our researchers who tested the potentially unwanted program’s feature say it was quite poorly designed. Because of this, we do not think the extension is the best choice for relaxation software. No doubt there are tons of applications for relieving stress to choose from, and many of them have various well-designed features, such as painting mandalas, coloring pictures, providing tips for different stressful situations, etc. What we are trying to say we do not think it is worth risking your computer’s safety when there could be better choices.

Furthermore, we should mention Ember Relax Background does not have the Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement statements. As you probably are aware of, such documents are essential because they can explain the software’s working manner, help users understand what kind of data the application might be gathering while using it and how such data could be used or shared, and so on. The fact the potentially unwanted program’s developers do not display such information makes us question the tool’s reliability. For example, it is possible the terms would prevent some users from installing it and so the extension’s creators might be hoping they will obtain more users if they provide as less information about the application’s working manner as possible.

Nonetheless, our researchers say it is quite likely Ember Relax Background could gather some user data or even show targeted advertising content based on it since there are similar potentially unwanted programs that act this way. The bad news is if it starts showing ads, it is possible some of them might be possibly dangerous, and so we urge users to stay away from them or better yet delete the potentially unwanted program to avoid the risk of encountering such content. To remove it manually you could follow the instructions you should see a bit below this text. As for users who would like to use automatic features instead, we would recommend acquiring a reliable antimalware tool of their choice.

Eliminate Ember Relax Background

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F.
  3. Pick More tools and click on Extensions.
  4. Find Ember Relax Background.
  5. Click the Remove button near it.
  6. Select Remove.
  7. Close the browser.
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