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Mac Ads Cleaner

If you are reading because you are interested in installing Mac Ads Cleaner onto your operating system, we can tell you right away that this so-called cleaner is just a bogus piece of software that was designed to trick Mac users into investing money in useless services. Without a doubt, installing it would be a huge mistake. Now, if you have let this undesirable program in already, there are only two things you need to do. First, you need to learn all about this piece of junk to understand why it cannot be trusted. Second, you need to learn how to remove Mac Ads Cleaner. The good news is that we can help you solve both problems. In this report, we discuss everything from the distribution to the elimination of the unreliable program. If you are not interested in learning more about it, you can move straight to the guide below. It shows how to delete the unwanted program from your Mac OS. Note that if you have questions regarding this program, you can post a comment below.

According to our research team, Mac Ads Cleaner is most likely to be distributed via unreliable file-sharing websites. Of course, it has an official download page, macadscleaner.com, and some users might stumble upon it to find the installer. According to the information on this website, the program is compatible with all Mac versions starting with Mac OS X 10.8. It is suggested that Mac Ads Cleaner can ensure complete protection against adware and malware that promote malicious advertisements and scams. Although the official installer is free, the services of the program are not, and you can purchase the complete version of the rogue tool for €29.95 or $34.87. The suspicious program is offered along with something called “Sticky Password Mac.” It might be offered along with many other programs and malicious threats if you download it from a questionable source that can represent software bundles. Our research team warns that even legitimate sources could be employed to promote this unreliable program, and so you need to be cautious at all times. If you have downloaded the program already, it is crucial that you install a trusted malware scanner to help you determine if you need to delete anything else.

If you end up installing Mac Ads Cleaner, you are immediately introduced to an interface that looks completely legitimate and trustworthy. These are the main features that are represented via Home.

Remove Adware Malware
Remove all the pop-ups and browser add-ons from your Mac that can hijack your navigation.

Protect your Privacy
Clear all the sensitive data including history and cookies from your browser, mail, flash and system.

Speed-up your browser and system
Remove cache files, logs and other unnecessary data, save disk space and make your Mac run faster.

It is because of the professional-looking interface and the legitimate-looking features that some Mac users might continue using Mac Ads Cleaner even after they learn that they are expected to pay money for services that, at first, might have appeared to be free. If you do not pay for the tool – which is what we recommend – you will be flooded with notifications and warnings about alleged security issues. Up until you delete Mac Ads Cleaner, you will be pushed to pay money for the tool as that is the only incentive behind this whole thing. Well, can you use the tool to your advantage? If you expect it to remove all ads and protect you against all scams and malicious threats, you have been mistaken. Whether or not you pay for the services of this program, you will not get anything out of it. This is why we strongly recommend performing the removal immediately. If you have paid for the bogus services already, you might want to try to get your money back. We cannot guarantee that you will succeed.

As you can see by looking at the removal instructions below, eliminating Mac Ads Cleaner is not that complicated. Sure, you need to perform a few steps, but, hopefully, you are able to get rid of the unwanted program yourself. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will succeed. Therefore, after you complete all steps, you should install a trusted malware scanner to check if nothing was left behind. Obviously, you must remove Mac Ads Cleaner components that might have been left behind, and if other threats are found, you need to delete them too. Once your system is clean, you really should think about investing in reliable anti-malware software to ensure that your Mac OS is clean and safe at all times.

Mac Ads Cleaner Removal

  1. In the menu at the top select Go and then click Utilities.
  2. Open the Activity Monitor menu.
  3. Select Mac Ads Cleaner and click Quit Process. Click Force Quit if necessary.
  4. Click Go again and then select Applications.
  5. Right-click the unwanted program and choose Move to Trash. If you need to enter the user password, do it.
  6. Click the Apple logo in the menu at the top and select System Preferences…
  7. Move to Accounts and then click Login Items.
  8. Select the undesirable item and click the minus sign (-) button.
  9. Install a trusted malware scanner to check if your Mac OS is clean. If leftovers are found, delete them ASAP.
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