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Danger level 6
Type: Trojans


TROJ_HILOTI.AID is a malicious infection, which was solely designed to disrupt and damage the computer activity of any system it has infiltrated.

Being a form of a Trojan infection, TROJ_HILOTI.AID will enter into an unsuspecting system, covertly – without the knowledge or permission of the system user – which is rather dangerous - as the user will not even be aware of the infection until it has already embedded itself well within the system.

With the passage of time, TROJ_HILOTI.AID updated itself with new techniques of fooling end-users. Codes became obfuscated, and methods of infections became more complicated.

Previously, TROJ_HILOTI.AID was basically an end product installed by downloader’s or exploits, but the most recent versions brought with them Trojan downloader’s.

Recent variants of TROJ_HILOTI.AID started using an installer, which needed internet connectivity to complete the TROJ_HILOTI.AID installation.

The earlier versions were distributed as standalone installers either downloaded by the user manually or by other malware.

The following basic symptoms could be a clear indication of the presence of TROJ_HILOTI.AID:

• Performs illicit activities under the disguise of a useful program.
• Download malicious code and programs such as key loggers.
•It is capable of fetching user’s personal and confidential information.

In addition to opening up a security–free exploit, TROJ_HILOTI.AID will also allow for a remote controller to gain access into the infected system, so that the remote controller will be able to take hold of all confidential information gathered from the infected system.

To ensure your system is safe, and in order to avoid any unneeded risks of damage to your computer system, it is highly recommended to make use of a reliable and legitimate anti-spyware application, to remove TROJ_HILOTI.AID and all its components from the infected computer system.

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