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GetPoliticalNews Toolbar

GetPoliticalNews Toolbar may look like a good addition to your browser because this application promotes itself as a reliable extension that can provide you with the latest political news. However, no matter how good the extension may look, our security team says that it is a potentially unwanted program, and you should not tolerate it on your computer.

In this description, we will tell you more about this application and how to remove GetPoliticalNews Toolbar for good. Luckily, it is not hard to terminate this application on your own, so you just need to follow the removal instructions below this description to get rid of the unnecessary app.

In a way, there is nothing surprising or new about this extension because it comes from the Mindspark Toolbar family. We have dealt with applications from this group for many years now. There were times when programs from this family were considered to be browser hijackers because they would modify your browser’s settings. However, later on, we came to a conclusion that Mindspark Toolbars cannot be considered browser hijackers because they do not modify browser settings behind your back. You actually AGREE to the modifications even if you are not aware of that.

Now, how does that happen? It all depends on where you download GetPoliticalNews Toolbar from. There are several sources that distribute this extension. There is the official homepage via getpoliticalnews.com, then there is a section at the Chrome Web Store, and of course, there are always third-party sources. By third-party sources we mean file-sharing websites and random pop-ups that distribute this extension through websites that support third-party advertising. So basically, unless you are careful, you are bound to encounter potentially unwanted programs when you browse the web, especially if you often visit unfamiliar websites and other suspicious pages.

In order to avoid installing GetPoliticalNews Toolbar and other similar applications, you need to remain attentive each time you set up a new program. Sometimes even programs downloaded from official sources may have additional features that you would not want. Therefore, checking every single step in the installation wizard is vital, even if it seems that the entire process is simple by default. The opportunity to avoid installing unnecessary application might be missed in one single click, so do not do this to yourself and your system. Also, if you can, read any program’s description before you launch the installation wizard.

However, now that you have GetPoliticalNews Toolbar on your computer, what does it do? First, this extension is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The extension comes over saying that with it on your browser; you can “get unbiased political news across a variety of categories such as politics, healthcare, civil rights, elections and taxes.” At first glance, this sounds like a good idea, especially if you are keen on keeping yourself updated. On the other hand, the question is whether you really need a third-party application to collect news for you. Not to mention that there is always a catch to such service.

The catch with GetPoliticalNews Toolbar is that the extension changes your default search engine. Your main search provider gets changes to search.myway.com, but the truth is that the extension cannot provide you with an original search service. If you were to run a search query, you would see that you will get redirected to a modified Google search page. The page will be modified according to your likes and preferences because GetPoliticalNews Toolbar employs tracking cookies to collect information on what you search for and which websites you visit. As a result, this extension exposes you to custom advertisements that you are supposed to click.

Most of those advertisements are harmless, but some could be embedded with corrupted links that redirect you to dangerous websites. This is the main reason you should remove GetPoliticalNews Toolbar from your computer. Do not hesitate to get rid of this application if you did not intend to have it on-board.

Once you have removed this program, please scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. It is very likely that you have more unwanted programs installed, and you need to remove them as well, to make sure that you do not get exposed to corrupted content again.

How to Delete GetPoliticalNews Toolbar


  1. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  2. Go to Extensions and remove GetPoliticalNews.

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Win+R and the Run prompt will open.
  2. Type Control Panel into the Open box and click OK.
  3. Click Uninstall a program (Add or remove programs for Windows XP).
  4. Remove GetPoliticalNews Internet Explorer Homepage and New tab from the list.


  1. Press Alt+T and open Add-ons.
  2. Click the Extensions tab and delete GetPoliticalNews.
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