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Danger level 6
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Shows commercial adverts


Crossout.lnk is a piece of adware (advertising-supported software) that was built by advertisers to promote a game called “Crossout” by Gaijin Network Ltd. According to our malware research team, the creator of the game has nothing to do with the LNK file that advertises it. Unfortunately, at the time of research, we could not identify the person/party responsible for it, but it is known that it uses the same tactics to promote other services and programs, which immediately makes them more suspicious. Our analysis has shown that the only purpose of the LNK file is to route the targeted user to the website promoting the game, which makes it quite harmless. That being said, you should not be interacting with random shortcut files and blindly trusting the content shown via the sites that they promote. In fact, we recommend removing Crossout.lnk as soon as possible. Note that the file name could be different. All in all, whether you face “Play Crossout.lnk” or “Crossout - MMO action game.lnk,” you should delete it.

Do you know how Crossout.lnk got onto your operating system? This shortcut file cannot appear out of thin air, and it has to be downloaded. If you have absolutely no idea where it came from, you need to consider that malware capable of downloading malicious files exists on your computer. It is most likely, of course, that this file was dropped onto the computer as you executed a software bundle. Do you remember downloading and installing anything new right before you came across Crossout.lnk? If you do, you have your answer as to how this strange file got in. In any case, if this file exists, there is a strong possibility that other unreliable files and software exist too. You do not want to postpone the removal of this software, which is why we suggest using a legitimate malware scanner right now. This tool will let you know exactly what you need to delete from your computer to avoid security issues. If you skip this step, you could let malicious threats roam without your notice, and that would be a huge mistake.

The URL that Crossout.lnk presents is legitimate, and that is what might confuse some users. Well, if the shortcut file routes to a legitimate site and does not do anything else, why would you need to delete it? First of all, the file was placed on your computer for no other reason than to help some unknown party generate a profit. What if that profit is used by malicious parties to fund malware creation and distribution? We cannot confirm that this is what would happen, but we cannot deny it either. At the end of the day, the Crossout.lnk file does not serve you personally, and so there is no reason why you should postpone its removal. Another important thing to note is that while this LNK file is pretty harmless, much more malicious files exist, and if you just open random, unfamiliar files without thinking about it twice, you could find yourself executing extremely dangerous malware. So, if you find another unfamiliar file on your Desktop, remove it without any hesitation.

Have you scanned your operating system using a reliable malware scanner? If you have not done that, we recommend doing that right now because you want to know if malicious infections exist. Hopefully, they do not, and you do not need to worry about that. Of course, if malware exists, you want to remove it quickly. Why not use an anti-malware program for that? It would quickly identify and eliminate all malicious components, including the shortcut file we are discussing right now. What if malware does not exist? In this case, you still need to think about the protection of your operating system, and if you are worried about it – and you should be, considering that random files can be dropped onto your PC without your notice – installing anti-malware software is the right move. If you still want to delete Crossout.lnk manually, you can do so using the instructions below. If you have more questions, let’s continue the conversation in the comments section.

Crossout.lnk Removal

  1. Right-click the Crossout.lnk file on the Desktop (could be named Play Crossout.lnk, Crossout - MMO action game.lnk, or something similar to that).
  2. Select Delete.
  3. Delete other suspicious files you see placed along with the .lnk file.
  4. Empty Recycle bin.
  5. Install a trusted malware scanner to check if there is anything else you need to remove.
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