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If you see advertisements every time you use any browser app on your Android device, the chances are that Com.system.update is running wild. It is a domain that hosts ads, but it is classified as advertising-supported software (adware) by our malware research team. Most likely, a separate app is responsible for connecting to the server and making sure that ads are displayed. Some users might not notice them at all, or find them less annoying than other users might. In either case, interacting with ads is not recommended, and the sooner you delete the app that is responsible for showing them, the better. How can you figure out if you need to remove Com.system.update-related adware? That is something you might be able to do yourself or with the help of a security tool. We recommend that you continue reading this report if you want to learn more.

Do you use many free apps on your Android device? If you do, you might be used to seeing ads that pop-up on the screen and either route you to Google Play or an unfamiliar website. Depending on the app, these ads could be harmless or malicious, which is why you always need to be careful about what you install. Do you recall installing a new app right before more ads or more suspicious ads started popping up? If you do, we suggest removing it, and, maybe that will be enough to get rid of Com.system.update completely. If you cannot pinpoint the exact app that is causing the mess, you might want to install a legitimate security app that can scan your device to check if any threats exist. Obviously, if they are found, you must delete them immediately because the longer you wait, the more security issues you are likely to face. If Com.system.update advertisements keep showing up even after you delete all seemingly unreliable apps, you might have to clear your browsers or even reboot your Android device.

Interacting with Com.system.update could be extremely dangerous. Now, we do not claim that all ads served via the domain are malicious, but you have to consider the worst outcome because so little is known about the business partnerships and the goals that are associated with it. What if malicious advertisers and schemers are using Com.system.update to expose Android users to fake surveys, bogus login pages, malicious installers, and malware-related websites? If you are not cautious enough, you could end up installing apps that can steal information and perform virtual identity theft. By filling out fake forms and surveys, you could be granting cyber criminals the permission to your personal accounts, including your online bank account. Undoubtedly, you want to prevent that from happening, don’t you? Even if ads by Com.system.update are not used in such a malicious manner, they could still be used to boost traffic to unpopular sites, as well as to collect user information. This could include geographical location, browsing history, and data about the apps you use. Even if you find and delete an app that displays the unwanted ads, clearing your browsers is a good idea to ensure that no data tracking occurs.

Have you deleted suspicious, recently downloaded apps? Have you cleared your browsers? Have you used a scanner to inspect your Android device and determine whether or not threats exist? If you have not taken these important steps, we suggest you do that now because that is how you should be able to delete Com.system.update advertisements permanently. Of course, if nothing works, rebooting the Android device might be necessary. When choosing a security app to inspect your device, make sure you do you research and choose the tool that you will be able to trust. There are plenty of malicious and fake apps, and you might have already been tricked into downloading one of them when advertised by Com.system.update. For your convenience, we have added instructions that show how to clear data on your browser app. Make sure you perform these steps on all browser apps that are installed on your device. If you have questions, add them to the comments section.

Com.system.update Removal

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android device.
  2. Move to the Phone menu and tap Apps.
  3. Select the browser app and then tap Force Stop.
  4. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.

N.B. You can also reinstall the browser app altogether. You can do that by selecting the unwanted app from the Apps menu and dragging it to the top to the Uninstall section.

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