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Danger level 9
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Slow internet connection
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Slow Computer
Other mutations known as:


VSCAN7 is a fake online virus scanner, affiliated with the rogue antispyware: Antivirus 7. VSCAN7 will also mimic the Windows Explorer interface, so as to confuse unsuspecting computer users into believing their system has been infected.

When VSCAN7 is embedded in a computer system, it makes it highly likely and possible for additional malware to enter into the computer system in question.

VSCAN7 is thus utilized by malware operators, these type programs enable the hacker to remotely work on a computer in real time. Malware programmers can then take control of users\' PC and view, send, read any other program or information on the infected system.

Due to the fact that VSCAN7is related to spyware, any computer which has it present within its system may experience issues with their computer\'s security and privacy, resulting in it becoming a high risk situation. Therefore, it is recommend to run a full system scan of the computer in order to detect any spyware threats.

As much as possible, ignore whatever VSCAN7 prompts on the screen. Never execute or click any buttons on any of its warning messages. If in case symptoms mentioned are being experienced on the computer, update your installed antivirus programs immediately. This is a new threat and security programs that has an outdated virus definition files and database may be able to catch it.

VSCAN7 imitates computer scans and displays fake results. Usually resulting in the infiltration of many infections and various viruses onto the computer system in question.

An example of a possible fake alert message which may be displayed is as follows:
\"Security advisor: Important updates available
Attention! New important updates available
Always install latest updates to enhance your computer security and performance\"

Malware can’t detect or terminate viruses lying within your computer but it may redirect the browser to its malicious and affiliated websites, all of which will attempt to sell a registered version of this fictitious rogueware: Antivirus 7. Do not purchase Antivirus 7 because this is a fraud.

Removing files can be risky, because malware often exploits legitimate files and if such files are not removed properly can seriously damage your system.

Here\'s a list of features that will help to define whether a file is legitimate, or not:

* First examine the description, the product or the company signing I
If signing is absent, misspelled or modified there is a high risk that the file is illegitimate.

* At initial activation illegitimate file opens a small window and immediately closes under the cursor.
This process is called dummywin.exe and proves illegitimacy of the file.

* A file can get injected when cursor moves on the window and in this way activates the process.
Usually certain files will display a notification.

* On a powerful PC the window will display and close instantly before you can even react.

* You can check information on the file online; this will reduce the risk of removing a legitimate program.

One should remove the VSCAN7 malware as soon as it has been detected on a computer system.

It is best to employ the services of a fully functional and legitimate antispyware tool to remove this parasite, VSCAN7, and all its components.

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  1. régis fortin Jul 4, 2010

    remove vscan7

  2. Régis Fortin Jul 4, 2010

    je veut rien savoir de ca programme

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