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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Magic Disk

Magic Disk is a potentially unwanted program that users are warned about. Although this application is not a malicious infection, it is very likely that it could exhibit a list of undesirable behavior. That is something you need to avoid, so you should see to it that you remove Magic Disk from your computer as soon as possible. In this description, we will share the limited information on this program, and we will show you how you could protect yourself and your system from similar intruders in the future. It is important to understand, however, that not all potentially unwanted programs are malicious threats.

We were not able to locate the official website for this application, but it is very likely that even if there were one, it would not be the main distribution source. When we deal with potentially unwanted programs, we often find it that users tend to install them accidentally when they download other programs from file-sharing websites. Therefore, if you have recently downloaded some freeware application, Magic Disk must have arrived with it. It is also possible for these programs to be distributed via redirects and random pop-ups that you encounter on a file-sharing website or other pages that support third-party advertising.

To be honest, bundled downloads is one of the most popular distribution methods for potentially unwanted software and adware. Users often are not aware of the potential threats when they download new applications from third-party sources. It is even more frustrating because we know that it is possible to AVOID installing unwanted applications if only users were more attentive during the installation process. That is to say; it should be possible to avoid installing Magic Disk and other unwanted programs if you read all the steps in the setup carefully. Unfortunately, users tend to breeze through the installation without any second thought, and that results in installing unwanted programs on your PC.

When we look at this program’s interface, it seems that Magic Disk is supposed to help you organize your files within your drives. Nevertheless, when we tried to run this application on our test bed computer, we have found that the program is rather buggy, and it does not function properly. It actually looks rather suspicious, as there is no information in the options and settings, and we could not find anything that would have helped us find out more about what this program does.

What’s more, it is very likely that Magic Disk collects your information and shares it with associated third parties. Of course, it does not mean that this application can steal personally identifiable information. It is more likely that the program will share such details as your system information or your web browsing history. However, this data could be easily used by third parties for various marketing campaigns. Eventually, you would find yourself exposed to a number of commercial ads when you browse the web, and some of them could be extremely annoying and even dangerous.

Please note that we are not trying to say that Magic Disk is a dangerous infection. Far from it. But there is always a chance that a malicious third party could make use of such an application for their own gains. Magic Disk and other similar programs are highly vulnerable to third-party exploitation, and they could be misused by cyber criminals to collect all sorts of information. Therefore, if you keep Magic Disk on your computer, you could eventually be exposed to corrupted content, and it could lead to a malware infection. The bottom line is that the sooner you get rid of this program, the better.

You can uninstall Magic Disk via your Control Panel. There is an entry that you can remove from the list of the installed programs. If you feel that there might be more undesirable programs on-board (which is very likely), you can always scan your PC with a security tool. A full computer scan is always a good idea because there might be unwanted or potentially dangerous programs installed that you have not noticed before.

At the same time, when you remove all the unwanted applications, you should consider investing in a legitimate security tool that will protect you and your PC from similar threats. Do what is best for you and your computer’s system.

How to Remove Magic Disk

Windows 10 & Windows 8.1

  1. Press Win+R and type Control Panel. Click OK.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program and remove mgdisk.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open the Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Select Uninstall a program and remove mgdisk.

Windows XP

  1. Press the Start button and select Control Panel.
  2. Open Add or remove programs and uninstall mgdisk.
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