Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Mac Tweaker

Mac Tweaker is advertised as beneficial software that has been “designed and tested with utmost care to keep your Mac running smooth fast and error free.” The application works on MAC computers only (supports Mac OS X 10.7+), and it has an official website (mactweaker.com), so anyone interested can easily download it from this website. Even though this application does look useful, we suggest that you install a more trustworthy program instead because Mac Tweaker is far from perfect software. According to researchers working at pcthreat.com, it should be classified as a potentially unwanted application (PUP). Therefore, if you have found it installed it on your machine, delete it mercilessly – we are sure you will manage to find a better program instead of it. It is not a huge problem if you do not know how to delete Mac Tweaker because you will find out what you need to do and then remove this potentially unwanted application yourself if you read this entire report. It should be emphasized that potentially unwanted programs are not harmful malicious applications, but specialists still do not recommend keeping them installed since they might cause problems. No doubt it will be easier to decide what to do with Mac Tweaker after reading what our specialists have to say about it.

Mac Tweaker is not a harmful malicious application, we can assure you, but it is not what it seems to be at first glance either. It presented as a beneficial PC optimizer that can clean and improve the performance of users’ MAC computers. If you check its official website, you will see that it promises to enable users to manage files, clean the drive, manage Startup applications, and uninstall undesirable applications with the click of a button. As a consequence, we are not surprised at all why so many users decide to install this application on their computers. As research conducted by our specialists has shown, the free version of this program that can be downloaded directly from its official website only scans the system and lists issues that need to be fixed ASAP; however, if you click the Clean Now button to get suspicious items removed/fixed from your MAC computer, you will be informed that you are using a free version of the program, and you could only get these issues fixed/untrustworthy software removed if you upgrade the program, i.e. purchase its license. To be honest, we do not think that it is smart to invest in it because it is known to be a potentially unwanted program, and it is unclear whether it will work in a beneficial way once you upgrade it. If you still decide to upgrade it and provide your name, surname, email, telephone number, and credit card information, you will be immediately charged 39.95 USD and you will have to pay for using it every month. We are sure more trustworthy applications can be purchased for a similar price, so, in our opinion, buying the Mac Tweaker license is not that smart.

There are many users who download Mac Tweaker from http://mactweaker.com/, which is its homepage, expecting that it will improve the performance of their computers; however, not all users know why they have this program installed, which suggests that this potentially unwanted application might be installed on users’ computers without their knowledge. Suspicious applications often travel bundled and they hide behind other programs so that users would not notice and dismiss them. It is not always possible to notice these additional applications and prevent them from entering the system, but you should still always install new programs on your computer cautiously. Additionally, you should have security software enabled – it will not allow infections you do not notice to enter the system illegally.

Potentially unwanted applications do not belong to the category of real malware, so their removal is usually not complicated either. If you do not know where to start the Mac Tweaker removal, feel free to use the removal guide you can find below. Suspicious applications can be deleted with automated scanners either. Of course, you will need to install the scanner compatible with MAC OS X first if you decide to clean your system automatically. Find more information about the tool you are going to install before actually doing this because there are hundreds of nasty infections spread masqueraded as antimalware software.

How to get rid of Mac Tweaker

  1. Click Finder in the Dock.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Check the list of applications and locate Mac Tweaker.
  4. Select it and press Command + Delete on the keyboard to send it to Trash.
  5. Click and hold the Trash icon.
  6. Select Empty Trash.
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