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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions

slingshot malware

Slingshot malware happens to be an extremely malicious Trojan, which you must avoid at all costs. Doing so is crucial because this devious application is designed to act in an intrusive manner. Its developers usually use it to steal sensitive information from the affected computers. Also, this program could prove to be the primary reason other suspicious applications might enter your operating system without a lot of troubles. As you can imagine, having this Trojan up and running on your personal computer could lead to devastating outcomes, to put it lightly. If you want to find out more about its inner workings, be sure to read the rest of this article. Our researchers also present a few virtual security recommendations, which you must take to improve your virtual security. Besides all of that, we include a detailed removal guide, which you should use to delete slingshot malware in just a few simple steps.

It is important to note that it has been noticed that slingshot malware has affected more than 100 computers before being discovered. Most of these attacks were carried out in African and Middle Eastern countries. While that happens to be the case, it is crucial to understand that there are no guarantees that it will not spread elsewhere. Once this Trojan gains successful access to your operating system, it immediately starts doing its dirty work. Unfortunately, the majority of users are unable to identify and remove this program before it starts acting. That is so because it functions in a completely silent manner. First, it replaces your system's files with its own. The devious .dll file then downloads all the components of this malicious application and runs them. It is critical to note this Trojan consists of five different modules, and each of them has a distinct role. It has been identified that a module known as GollumApp has keylogging functionality; it can track your network information and steal passwords stored in your browser. The one entitled SsCB makes numerous screenshots, while ffproxy is designed to collect Firefox proxy settings and other configuration details. The other two modules known as Sfc2 and NeedleWatch are primarily used to inject files into your operating system and to disable Windows' files protection. On top of all that, it has been found out that this Trojan also has a downloader, which could be used to infect your operating system with other dangerous applications. To remove slingshot malware once and for all be sure to follow the instructions that you can find below.

It took some time before malware experts discovered how slingshot malware gains access to the operating system. During the extensive analysis, it has been discovered that malware developers got access to routers made by MikroTik and injected it with a malicious code, which initiated a download of a devious .dll file. Because of such distribution method, all the computers on the network could be infected this the Trojan in question. To keep your operating system free of this malware and other similar applications you need to take precautionary steps to improve your overall virtual security. We highly advise you to check if the network that you wish to connect to is safe and secure. Furthermore, you should know that cyber crooks also use spam email campaigns for distribution purposes. Therefore, we recommend refraining from all emails and email attachments that come your way from unknown third-parties. Also, remember to educate yourself about every application before downloading and installing it on your PC because malware developers are known to fool users by using hoax advertising tactics. Finally, and most importantly, every security-conscious user must have a professional antimalware tool active on their PC. Such a tool is the most important part of your virtual security because it is designed to detect and delete any virtual security threat automatically.

To remove slingshot malware, be sure to follow the instructions below. It is essential to execute this removal guide with care because a single mistake could have undesirable outcomes. Without even knowing you might leave data of this Trojan, which could be used to restore it silently. In other situations, a missed step could mean that this malicious program could continue working. Furthermore, it is important to note that manual removal is a complex task, which should be executed by advanced computer users. Malware researchers at our internal labs highly advise you to use a reliable antimalware tool for removal purposes because it is designed to delete slingshot malware and everything associated with it automatically.

How to remove slingshot malware from your PC

  1. Open your File Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\Windows\System32.
  3. Select a file called scesrv.dll and then replace it with the original one.
  4. Go to C:\Windows\SysWow64.
  5. Select a file called scesrv.dll and then replace it with the original one.
  6. Close your File Explorer.
  7. Restart your PC.
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