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musicFinder Search

musicFinder Search is a Google Chrome browser extension that users can get from the official Chrome Web Store or http://www.myappzcenter.com/, which is considered its homepage. This piece of software is presented as a beneficial application that enables users to “search and find music using Chrome’s address bar.” We are sure there are people who install this piece of software on their computers consciously because they expect that they could easily search for music with its help. At the time of writing, there were 193 784 users who installed musicFinder Search directly from the Chrome Web Store, and we are sure its popularity is rising. Needless to say, not all users install it themselves. Some of them say they do not know anything about its installation, which suggests that alternative distribution methods might be used to spread it as well. If you have already come across musicFinder Search on your computer, we suggest that you delete it ASAP because it is not fully reliable software even though it is promoted as beneficial software. Research conducted by specialists working at pcthreat.com has shown that musicFinder Search is a typical potentially unwanted program. There are several reasons why they have decided to put it into this category – they are all listed further in this report.

musicFinder Search is presented as beneficial software that makes it possible to find music online easier. Unfortunately, this does not make it fully reliable software. Yes, you could perform searches on https://www.gomusix.com straight from your web browser if you type “m” and then press TAB on your keyboard; however, there is no doubt that drawbacks musicFinder Search has outweigh its benefits. As specialists have observed, this browser extension also changes the default search tool. It does not try to hide this from users (“When you use MusicFinder Search, it replaces your default search”), but users are not informed in advance that their all searches will be redirected through http://search.myappzcenter.com/search/?category=web into the modified Yahoo! search results as long as they keep musicFinder Search active. These modified search results might bring problems to you even though they are not considered malicious. Specifically speaking, they might redirect you to dubious websites when you click on them. Unfortunately, it is usually not so easy to avoid those modified search results because they look like ordinary search results. Therefore, if you do not want to encounter them and end up on untrustworthy pages, you should remove musicFinder Search right away so that you could use a trustworthy search tool of your choice to perform web searches.

It should be noted that musicFinder Search will record certain details about you if it stays installed. Details it could gain access to depend on the information you agree to provide. As it is clearly written in its Privacy Policy document, it might record your name, email address, country of origin, nickname, telephone number, etc. if you agree to provide all those details. In addition, it might record demographic and web usage information. Users are told that the collected data will not be disclosed to third parties, but if we were you, we would not blindly trust potentially unwanted software.

Not all users can explain why they have musicFinder Search installed on their computers even though it is known that it has an official website and can also be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store, which suggests that this potentially unwanted program might be distributed in a different way. According to our researchers, it is very likely that users can also install the musicFinder Search browser extension on their systems by clicking on advertisements promoting it. These ads might be displayed to them if they open dubious domains. Some users consciously install the promoted application, whereas others end up with it by clicking on the advertisement accidentally. No matter what group of users you belong to, you should still get rid of musicFinder Search.

It is not hard to delete musicFinder Search because it is just an ordinary Google Chrome browser extension. To be more specific, you could simply delete it via the add-ons manager. We cannot promise that its removal will be a piece of cake for those users who are going to delete the undesirable extension for the first time, but, generally, its removal should not be complicated at all.

Delete musicFinder Search

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F simultaneously.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Check the entire list of extensions and select musicFinder Search.
  6. Click the Trash button next to it to delete it.
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