Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Nyoogle Search

Nyoogle Search looks like google.com just above the title there is a picture of the so-called Nyan Cat. Consequently, it might seem like a fun search tool for those who are tired of usual Google Search engine’s appearance. However, keep it in mind while it may look colorful the application could be possibly dangerous as well. Apparently, it falls under the category of potentially unwanted programs. Our researchers say it is because there is a possibility the software may show users suspicious advertising content and gather various information. Also, we learned the extension was removed from the Chrome Web Store page. It is possible it happened because Nyoogle Search was identified as an unreliable tool. We cannot be one hundred percent sure, but since there are plenty of other search engines, you could use instead we recommend not to take any chances with this one. If you decide to get rid of it too, we encourage you to use our deletion instructions available a bit below.

Even though Nyoogle Search was removed from Chrome Web Store page, we believe it might be still distributed via other sources. For instance, the potentially unwanted program could travel with bundled installation files. In such case, users could download it after visiting torrent or other unreliable file-sharing web pages. Some may even install it unknowingly if the application appears to be bundled with the unrelated software.

Usually, potential threats are installed accidentally by those who do not read what is written in the configuration wizard. No doubt, it would be wiser to pick advanced installation settings whenever it is possible and review all available terms carefully. By doing so, the user should be able to deselect unwanted bundled suggestion or perhaps even stop the process and protect the system from untrustworthy software if he notices suspicious statements. Additionally, to keep the PC clean from doubtful programs like Nyoogle Search we recommend choosing a legitimate antimalware tool. As long as it is up to date and active, it might be able to recognize threats before they can do any harm.

Nyoogle Search is not malicious or harmful itself, but our researchers believe it might introduce users to such content. As you see after being installed the extension could replace his default search engine, homepage, or new tab page with a particular search engine. As we said earlier above the search box and the tool’s title the user should see a picture of the so-called Nyan Cat. Other than that the website might look identical to google.com.

The problem is it might gather search results with a modified Google Search engine, and consequently, there is a possibility the potentially unwanted program could inject the results with additional advertising content from the third party, for example, pop-ups, banners, sponsored links, and so on. No one can tell you where this content may come from and we doubt Nyoogle Search’s creator stake any responsibility for it or review it to make sure it is safe. In other words, the ads could be potentially dangerous as they could originate just about from anywhere, including scam web pages, sites containing malware, etc. Naturally, we recommend staying away from suspicious ads, although the safest choice would be to get rid of the application that might show them to you.

Users who do not want to take any chances with this potentially unwanted program should erase it at once. So far the application is compatible just with Google Chrome, and it can be removed manually from the browser’s Extensions menu. Additionally, it might be wise to erase a couple of files that could have been modified by Nyoogle Search. To make these tasks easier for you, we will place instructions showing what to do at the end of this article. The other way to remove the potentially unwanted program once and for all is to scan the system with a reliable antimalware tool of your choice and press the given deletion button.

Eliminate Nyoogle Search

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F and select Settings.
  3. Click on More tools and pick Extensions.
  4. Find Nyoogle Search.
  5. Press the trash bin button near it.
  6. Select Remove.
  7. Tap Windows Key+E.
  8. Find the mentioned path: C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  9. Locate files called Preferences, Secure Preferences, and Web Data.
  10. Right-click these files and press Delete.
  11. Exit the Explorer.
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