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Danger level 7
Type: Adware

Google Lead Services

If we can give you one piece of advice, it is that you cannot trust Google Lead Services. Despite the word “Google” in the name of this service, it has nothing to do with Google Ads. In fact, it uses it only to trick gullible users into thinking that it is trustworthy. It offers advertising services for a certain fee, and those who are interested in using online ads to boost traffic and promote their own services could stumble upon it at Whether you have paid for the services, or you are on the receiving end, and you are exposed to the ads delivered via this adware server, you need to be very careful. If you pay money, you are unlikely to get your money’s worth. And if you interact with the ads shown, you could expose yourself to virtual security risks. After all, malicious parties could exploit this adware server too. We have more information, including Google Lead Services removal, and if you are interested, keep reading.

The suspicious Google Lead Services are represented at Here, you can find the list of offers that are available. For example, if you pay a $200/month fee, you can use “Banner Ad Top” advertising. A $180/month fee will get you “Banner Ad Side” ads. For $120/month you can advertise using “Google Style Link with Description,” and $80/month offers you a “Three word link” ad. You can also pay a $9999 yearly fee for a full-page ad with links. It should be clear that this service is not very trustworthy when you find that you can sign up for them by emailing the creator of Google Lead Services at That is simply not how business is done. The information on the official website informs that customers can advertise in the United States, the European Union, India, and New Zealand. If you read everything carefully, you should find yourself at the bottom, where a statement indicates that Google Lead Services is NOT affiliated with the authentic Google advertising services. Also, there is no legal information. All of this should be enough for you to realize that the service is not reliable.

Now, if you are a regular user who stumbles upon the ads delivered via the Google Lead Services adware server, you could be exposed to scams and even malware. Although it seems that the service is designed to trick advertisers into thinking that it is legitimate, it is also possible that it was set up to attract unreliable parties as well. If that is the case, the ads hosted on the adware server could be misleading and malicious. You need to be cautious about tech support scams, fake malware warnings, bogus shopping deals, and pop-ups containing links to malicious sites. Drive-by download scams could also be delivered via Google Lead Services to spread malware. If you see a suspicious advertisement, you need to think if the website it is shown on is reliable and if adware (advertising-supported software) exists on your operating system. Install a trusted malware scanner, and you will be informed if adware exists. If it does, of course, you want to delete it as soon as possible.

If malware or adware is related to Google Lead Services, you need to remove it as soon as possible. If it does not exist, resetting the browser via which the suspicious advertisement was shown is a smart idea. If you follow the instructions below, you can learn how to reset the most popular web browsers, which include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. If you need to reset a different browser, do not hesitate to post a comment below, and we will assist you as soon as possible. If you are an advertiser who was tricked into believing that you were paying for Google ad services, you can try to get your money back; however, it is unlikely that you could plead with people who are using tricks to confuse potential customers. In the future, make sure you research before you pick a reliable advertising service to do business with. If you want to do business with Google, visit

Google Lead Services Removal (reset browser)

Google Chrome:

  1. Open the browser and tap keys Alt+F.
  2. Click Settings and then Advanced at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click Reset and then confirm the action.
  4. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete and choose the time range and boxes.
  5. Select CLEAR DATA and then restart the browser.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open the browser and tap keys Alt+H.
  2. Select Troubleshooting information.
  3. Click Refresh Firefox and then confirm the action.
  4. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete and choose the time range and boxes.
  5. Select Clear Now and then restart the browser.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Open the browser and tap keys Alt+T.
  2. Select Internet options and then click the Advanced tab.
  3. Click Reset, select Delete personal settings, and click Reset again.
  4. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete and choose the right boxes.
  5. Select Delete and then restart the browser.
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