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Danger level 8
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine

The appearance of in the place of a new homepage and search tool on your Google Chrome browser is a clear sign that SearchsmartDS has been installed on your computer. This piece of software does look extremely beneficial at first glance because it promises to enable users to search the web for free music, movies, and articles. On top of that, it promises to make users’ searches private. Because of this, we are sure that there are people who install this Google Chrome browser extension consciously from its official source – Chrome Web Store ( It seems that it might be installed on users’ computers without their knowledge as well, so you might find set on your browser even if you do not install the extension promoting it yourself. The promoted search tool is not considered malicious, but you should not leave it set on your browser if these changes have been applied without your knowledge. Go to get rid of it if you want to use a well-known search tool to perform web searches instead as well. Since is directly associated with the SearchsmartDS browser extension, its full removal is the only way to eliminate it. You can find more information about its removal in the final paragraph.

Users install SearchsmartDS expecting that it will act in a beneficial way, but all they get are altered browsers’ settings. As mentioned, they discover set as a new homepage and search tool. If we only took into account its appearance, we would say that it is a legitimate search provider; however, an in-depth analysis has clearly shown that it has drawbacks, so we recommend that you get rid of it and set another trustworthy search provider in its place. As has been observed, it redirects searches to the modified Bing search page when the search query is entered by the user. Because of this, users might be presented with the modified search results. Their appearance suggests that they do not differ much from the rest of the search results; however, the truth is that they might redirect you to untrustworthy websites. Of course, not all modified search results will take you to dubious pages, but this might happen at any time. What else you should know about it is that it will record various details about you and even search queries you enter. All these details might be shared with third parties in the near future. Since it is promoted by the potentially unwanted program SearchsmartDS, they might be disclosed to disreputable companies or other third parties. It is not too late to prevent this from happening – stop using as soon as possible. is promoted by the SearchsmartDS browser extension that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, so its appearance on your browser is directly linked to its installation. If you do not know anything about its installation, the chances are high that you have installed it on your PC next to other applications. Most probably, these are free programs that can be downloaded from P2P and similar websites. Always carefully read the information provided in the setup wizard – this might help you not to install undesirable software on your computer. In addition, download applications only from those websites you know are 100% trustworthy. It is easy to overlook malware, so you should also have a reputable antimalware tool installed on your computer. As long as you keep it active, unauthorized changes will not be applied to your browsers and you will not encounter any malicious application.

If you have found set on your Google Chrome browser without your permission, remove it without consideration. As mentioned, this can be done by erasing the SearchsmartDS browser extension promoting it. You do not need to be an expert in the removal of potentially unwanted programs to delete SearchsmartDS manually. If you are not an advanced computer user, feel free to use our manual removal instructions. Of course, if you still find it impossible to get rid of it, you should scan your system with an antimalware scanner. You will have to acquire it first. removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools and open Extensions.
  4. Select SearchsmartDS.
  5. Click the button with the recycle bin symbol.
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