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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application is a search engine that should come with a Chrome extension. Our research specialists say that this application is a potentially unwanted program. Therefore, it means that the application is not a direct computer security threat, but it could be exploited by malevolent third parties to promote corrupted content for you. The point is that you need to remove from your browser because it is not safe to keep this search engine there. You should also delete all the unfamiliar applications and extensions that might be added to your browser. The more unwanted programs you have, the bigger is the possibility that you will get exposed to various threats.

Lately, we have been dealing with a bunch of Chrome extensions that often function like browser hijackers. It means that they change your browser’s settings by modifying your default homepage and search engine. If this happens unexpectedly, it might seem that you have been attacked by some dangerous infection. However, browser extensions are not that dangerous. If anything, they are annoying and potentially harmful because they are vulnerable to third-party exploitation. Nevertheless, they are not sophisticated enough to steal your personal data or directly infect you with malware. What’s more, this “coin tracker” extension that is supposed to come with is not even active yet, so there is not anything to fear.

It is very likely that the extension will have its own official homepage where you will be able to read more about it. However, such applications tend to come bundled with freeware or users add them to their browser accidentally via random pop-ups. For instance, if you click a pop-up that jumps into your screen while you browse the web, you may accidentally add the extension to your browser, thus modifying your browser’s settings. Also, some pop-ups could be quite intrusive, and they may stop you from closing your browser’s window unless you add the extension. If that happens, you can always close the window with the Alt+F4 command, or simply by killing the process via Task Manager.

Overall, the search engine itself looks familiar to us. We can tell that it is similar to,,, and many other search engines that come with Chrome extensions. The moment it enters your system, it will modify the main browser settings, and all of your searches will be redirected to At first, it might not seem like a big deal because Yahoo! Search is a reputable search provider. But we would like to point out that has nothing in common with Yahoo! Search, and it is only using the engine to provide you with modified search results.

How does modify the search results? First, the extension employs tracking cookies to collect information on the websites you visit and the search keywords you use. This allows the program to get the general picture of your web browsing habits. With that information in mind, can offer you custom content in the search results. Those sponsored links will look like relevant search results, but if you click them, you will generate a financial profit for the people behind this extension.

Technically, there is nothing malicious about this practice. But it is very intrusive and highly vulnerable to malicious exploitation. That is the main reason you should remove immediately. You can never know when this extension and its advertising network could be exploited by cyber criminals. Although that is a very unlikely plot twist, it could still happen, so you should not risk it. Please check out the manual removal option below, and make sure you protect your computer from similar intruders in the future.

To remove manually, you just need to reset your browser settings to default. By doing that, you will also get rid of other potentially unwanted extensions or settings. As far as unwanted programs are concerned, you should consider scanning your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner. A full system scan will let you know just how many unwanted applications you have, and you will be able to remove them all at once.

Finally, be sure to employ safe web browsing habits to avoid other computer security issues. Investing in a powerful antispyware tool is just one side of the job. You need to be careful when you browse the web, too.

How to Remove

  1. Press Alt+F and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  3. Scroll down again and press Reset.
  4. Click Reset to confirm.
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