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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine

If you have been exposed to the browser hijacker, the chances are that an extension called “All-in-One Office - New Tab” has been installed onto your Google Chrome browser. At the time of research, both the extension and the hijacker were compatible with this browser alone, but, of course, we cannot guarantee that this will not change. The consensus from malware researchers is that you need to remove as soon as possible, and, most likely, you can do that by eliminating the unreliable extension. In case the hijacker stands on its own, you might have to modify the settings in the “chrome://settings/” menu. If that is the case, please let us know via the comments section, and we will be sure to help you as best as we can. You can also use the comments to start discussions and ask questions regarding the hijacker.

At the moment, All-in-One Office - New Tab is introduced to Google Chrome users via and The website is the official source that was set up by Axel Division LP to promote the hijacker. According to the information on the page, by downloading the extension, you can “enjoy a quick access to web office suite.” This might trick some users into thinking that the extension is beneficial. If you click the “FREE DOWNLOAD” link represented on the page, you are routed to the Chrome webstore installer. If you enjoy using the office suite offered by Google, you might think that All-in-One Office - New Tab is a reliable and useful tool, but that is not exactly the case. When you install the add-on, you grant its creators the permission to read data, browsing history, and bookmarks, as well as modify the New Tab. After installation, your New Tab represents Although you are shown easy-access links to Google’s Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, KeepIt, and Translate services, the tool is too suspicious, and we recommend deleting it right now.

Surfing the web via is not safe. Although it is introduced to you as a legitimate search tool, it does not function like one. All searches are redirected to Google Search, and, as our research team reports, the results can be modified. It is highly unlikely that the hijacker is collaborating with Google even though it presents the search tool and all office suite services. It is most likely that this search engine is used so that you would trust the links that are delivered via it. Unfortunately, because the results can be modified, it is possible that they could include links to unreliable websites. It is crucial that you are careful if you end up using because you do not want to get yourself scammed or exposed to malware. Speaking of malware, are you sure that it has not invaded your operating system already? Although you might have let in the hijacker by downloading All-in-One Office - New Tab from a reliable source, it might also have been introduced to you via a software bundle carrying malicious threats. Due to this possibility, we advise installing a malware scanner and using it to examine your system and determine whether threats that require removal exist.

If you enjoy access to all Google’s office suite tools directly from your browser, you might want to set as your homepage. If you do that, you will find the “Google apps” button at the top of the right corner, and access to all Google tools is offered via it. Needless to say, there is no reason for you to continue using All-in-One Office - New Tab or the hijacker that comes bundled with it. The instructions below show how to eliminate the extension, and by doing that, you will have deleted automatically. If the suspicious extension is just one of the many unreliable pieces of software running on your operating system, you might choose to install anti-malware software to take care of all of them simultaneously. Installing this software is a good idea also because it can enable full-time protection, which you might be interested in if you want to keep your system and browsers malware and hijacker-free in the future. Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F to access the browser’s menu.
  3. Select More tools and then Extensions.
  4. Click the recycle bin next to All-in-One Office - New Tab.
  5. Select Remove and then restart the browser.
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