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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Search Fort Pro

Search Fort Pro is an entirely useless extension that, most likely, was created for two reasons: To track your virtual behavior and collect information, and to expose you to sponsored third-party links. Although the extension is meant to help you browse the web “faster than ever before,” it does not offer a reliable search service, and installing it is not recommended. Unfortunately, if you are not cautious, you might let this potentially unwanted program (PUP) in without even realizing it. If you want to learn more regarding the distribution of this unreliable extension, you will need to continue reading this report. Ultimately, the add-on is not trustworthy, and you will not gain anything by using it, which is why it is strongly advised that you delete it as soon as possible. Needless to say, in this report, we focus on the removal of Search Fort Pro, and so if you are interested, continue reading. If you care only about the elimination process, you can find the instructions below.

Although Google Chrome users can download Search Fort Pro from and the Chrome web store,, our researchers inform that most are likely to let in this threat as they interact with fake download buttons. These buttons are usually presented via unreliable Torrent and P2P file-sharing websites. Once the button is clicked, the user is exposed to an installer that might be offering a bunch of unfamiliar and, potentially, malicious programs. If you are not vigilant, you might accept the suspicious Search Fort Pro without even realizing it. The add-on was, allegedly, created by SearchFort Media, and the Privacy Policy representing this developer informs that information about users is collected. That is a valid reason to delete this PUP from your web browser. If you want to learn more, of course, you should review the Privacy Policy. We suggest that you do that every time you start using a new service or before you install anything new. Overall, it is always a good idea to do research and focus less on the official promotion.

The greatest offense of Search Fort Pro is that it hijacks the default search provider and, without any authorization, redirects to This is the well-known Yahoo Search. If you are not familiar with it, you might think that it is part of the extension. It is not, and it is unlikely that the search engine has any kind of connection to the PUP. It is more likely that the hijacker’s creator has decided to redirect to Yahoo Search because it is well-known and because Google Chrome users are likely to trust it. That is the wrong assumption. Search Fort Pro is unlikely to redirect you just because it is fun. It is likely that the results are modified to showcase sponsored content. Who is paying the creators of the PUP to promote these links? That is unknown, and that is why we have to consider the possibility that these parties are not trustworthy. Is this why you should delete the potentially unwanted program? We believe so, and the sooner you get rid of this strange, useless extension, the better.

You do not want to waste any more of your time on Search Fort Pro. Even if this extension turns out to be completely harmless, it is not beneficial, and it is much safer for you to just set Yahoo Search as your default search provider, rather than to have a hijacker redirecting to it. The good news is that you do not need to worry about the hijacker separately. All you need is to delete Search Fort Pro, and that does not take any time, and experience is not required. As you can see by looking at the instructions below, performing the removal of this PUP is very easy. Of course, if you are not so confident, or you have any questions about the process, you can post a comment below, and we will help. On the other hand, if the PUP came bundled with other threats, the situation might be more complicated. If you are dealing with multiple threats, do not hesitate to install anti-malware software right away. It will erase malware automatically.

Search Fort Pro Removal

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Simultaneously tap keys Alt+F to access the menu on the right.
  3. Choose More tools and then Extensions.
  4. Click the recycle bin next to the add-on you want to eliminate.
  5. Select Remove and then restart the browser.
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