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goPhotoz Start

goPhotoz Start is a Google Chrome browser extension that was released in 2016. Since a number of users who install it/find it installed on their computers without their knowledge is still growing, we have decided to publish this report so that users would know what they can expect from it. The first thing our malware researchers have realized is that goPhotoz Start is not a perfect application. Yes, it is promoted as a “new Chrome extension for a quick photos search experience,” but, in reality, it is just another potentially unwanted program. We can assure you – it is not as beneficial as it might seem to be at first glance, but you will see this for yourself if you install goPhotoz Start on your computer. As you have probably already understood, we do not recommend doing that. Have you already found it installed on your PC? If so, you should get rid of it without further consideration. Potentially unwanted programs like goPhotoz Start are not considered real malware, but it is still not recommended keeping them active. This is the reason we have asked our experienced specialists to prepare the manual removal guide – feel free to use it if you decide to eliminate this potentially unwanted program from your computer.

Some users download goPhotoz Start consciously from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gophotoz-start/dnmbafgfpbggomhgdamlahbhigcblknm or https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/search-by-gophotoz/honmjepgemgnpinmejdbknnkhioohdko, whereas others cannot explain how this piece of software has been installed on their computers; however, there is one thing we know for sure – this piece of software acts the same in all the cases. To be more specific, it changes the default search tool on victims’ Google Chrome browsers. Setting http://photoz.searchalgo.com is the only activity it performs, so it is not considered very useful software by our specialists. Yes, you could access certain websites, e.g. eBay, YouTube, Pinterest, Gmail, and Facebook quicker, but you do not need to keep goPhotoz Start active so that you could open them quickly. You can simply bookmark your favorite websites instead. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that it is safe to use the search tool promoted by goPhotoz Start either. It redirects searches to search.yahoo.com, but you might still be presented with the so-called modified search results that, in the worst-case scenario, might take you to untrustworthy websites. This is one more reason why we suggest that you remove goPhotoz Start. It is the only way to remove the page set by this potentially unwanted application from the place of the default search tool, and we suggest doing that as soon as possible.

goPhotoz Start is the most active in India, Angola, Indonesia, Egypt, and the United States. In other words, the majority of users who encounter this potentially unwanted program are situated in these locations. It does not matter that users who live somewhere else cannot find this piece of software installed on their computers. Not much is known about alternative distribution methods used to spread goPhotoz Start, but it should travel bundled with other applications, specialists say. This would explain how it manages to enter users’ computers without their knowledge. Also, it might be promoted via pop-up advertisements. Users might find them on their screens when they enter dubious websites. Users do not need to click on them consciously to install goPhotoz Start. This potentially unwanted application enters computers even if users click on these commercials accidentally. You cannot turn the clock back and prevent this suspicious browser extension from entering your computer, but you can remove it quite easily if its entrance is a surprise for you, or you, for example, have found it useless. Do not leave your PC unprotected after getting rid of it because you will find new undesirable software on your system again in the near future.

You should remove goPhotoz Start even if it is not harmful malicious software. It is the only way to remove the page set as your default search provider. Since this piece of software is not malware, we are sure you could erase it yourself without any difficulties if you follow instructions provided below. Do not forget that you can erase goPhotoz Start quicker with an antimalware scanner as well. It is always easier and quicker to erase undesirable software automatically.

Remove goPhotoz Start

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Click Extensions to open the list of add-ons.
  5. Select goPhotoz Start.
  6. Click the Trash button.
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