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Danger level 6
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine

GamingApp Search Extension

GamingApp Search Extension is a new potential threat source that affects Google Chrome browsers. This browser extension is nothing new really; it is simply another child of a quickly growing family of questionable tools, including filmsApp Search, musicApp Home, and betterGames Now. We have labeled this threat as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) because it does not show malicious traits, i.e., it does not mean direct danger to you or to your system. Still, it is "healthier" not to use it because you could be presented with potentially unsafe third-party advertisements or links. This PUP may also enter your system along with malware infections, which can pose a real threat to your system security. We advise you to remove GamingApp Search Extension from your computer as soon as you can because leaving it in your browser could lead to further infections or worse.

It is not very likely that you used official channels to install this useless PUP, but it is available in the Chrome web store, Most of these PUPs in this family has a promotional webpage, too, where you can install them; however, in this case, you are lead to believe that is the official page. But when you visit this site, you will only find four other tools being promoted. Even if we take this as an honest mistake, we cannot forgive what comes next when you finally click on the "Add extension" button. Although this PUP gets installed, you are taken to a new tab page where you are made to believe that your installation is not over yet unless you install another questionable browser extension. We advise you to delete GamingApp Search Extension for this already.

The truth is, it only gets worse when you realize that this useless browser extension can also be found distributed in bundled versions. What you may not yet know is that cyber crooks like to use bundling to spread multiple potential and malicious threats. In other words, such a software package may contain a number of threats and you may infect your computer with them in one single go if you are not vigilant at the installation. You need to read each and every installation screen very carefully not to overlook vital information, notifications, and checkboxes to untick. Why? Because schemers like to create tricky and deceptive installers so that unsuspecting and careless users would install the full package by default. If you do not want this headache, you should avoid using shady file-sharing sites, visiting suspicious sites in general, and clicking on third-party advertisements. But for now, we advise you to delete GamingApp Search Extension and then, use a reliable malware scanner to find all other threats on board.

This new PUP promotes a questionable online arcade gaming site called Basically, if you enter "g" for gaming in the address bar of your Google Chrome browser, and press the Tab key on your keyboard, you can directly search this gaming website and will land on "" with the results. You can also use the football icon in your browser taskbar. If you click this icon, a small pop-up is displayed in which you can run a search the same way and also choose from a variety of games presented as thumbnails. Please note that this gaming site may promote low-quality games and may also display questionable third-party ads.

When you install this tool, it also sets as your new default search engine. This means that whenever you open a new window or a new tab, you will not see the default Google search box above the usual thumbnails of previously visited sites, but the cursor will be in the address bar instead. If you run a search there with your keywords and pressing Enter, you will end up on a manipulated Yahoo search results page. In other words, you could be exposed to potentially unreliable third-party ads and links there since this is how this PUP can promote affiliates and make money. If you do not want to let more infections on board or end up scammed, we suggest that you remove GamingApp Search Extension from your browser right away.

The good news is that you can easily get rid of this annoying app even if you are not a very experienced computer user. In case you have doubts how to remove this extension from your Google Chrome browser, we have prepared a guide for you, which we shared below. Remember that this PUP may not be alone on your system, i.e., there could be other potential and malicious threats as well. This is why it is so important that you do not stop at this point and go on eliminating threats until they are all gone. Of course, this may be a bit of a problem for you if you are not skilled enough to do so. And, this is when an automated security tool comes in handy. We suggest that you install a reliable malware removal application, such as SpyHunter, so that you can finally kick back and relax while surfing the web and exploring the virtual world.

Remove GamingApp Search Extension from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F.
  2. Go to More tools.
  3. Choose Extensions.
  4. Locate the useless extension and click on the Trash can on its right.
  5. In the confirmation window, press Remove.
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