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Danger level 6
Type: Trojans


Trojan.Bredolab is a terrible Trojan that you do not want to come in contact with. This infection is capable of gaining access to your machine without your consent or permission, and, once it does that without your knowledge, it proceeds to install itself onto your computer. What is more, it can start running as soon as you turn on the computer as it adds itself to the RUN registry. Once installed, this infection may totally take control of your computer as well as invade your privacy. If you do not delete Trojan.Bredolab from your PC, this is the kind of activity you can expect.

  • Processes may be running on your computer.
  • Software may be installed without your permission.
  • Malicious code may be injected on your computers processes.
  • Strange things may happen when Windows starts up.
  • System settings may change.
  • Your computers speed may decrease dramatically.
  • Your internet connection may be slower than usual.
  • Your bandwidth may disappear with no explanation.

The main files representing this Trojan are 0.08622126054005341.exe, System.exe, and winlogon.exe. The first executable, obviously, has a random name, and it is possible that the numbering will change, and new characters will be included. The other two files use the names of authentic Windows system files which automatically conceals them. Both of these files are usually located in the System32 folder under C:\Windows, and if you find these files in a completely random location, chances are that they are malicious and belong to malware. Of course, you should further inspect these files before you delete them so that you would not accidentally eliminate the files that are necessary when running Windows. It is also possible that this Trojan will inject itself in authentic files, which might make the threat extremely difficult to find.

Once installed, Trojan.Bredolab adds its own value called “lsdefrag” into the Windows Registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. If you do not remove this value, the clandestine Trojan will start running on every Windows startup. If you decide to delete this value manually, make sure you do not remove the wrong one, as this could stop important software from running on startup. Of course, you will not win much by removing this value. You have to target all of the components/files of this Trojan; otherwise, it will start downloading files using silent connections to remote servers over the Internet. Different versions of this Trojan have been found to download malware from such infamous families as FakeRean, Zbot, Koobface, and Ursnif. Even if you do not see these threats installed on your operating system, it is possible that they exist silently. Install and run a trustworthy malware scanner to learn if these threats – or others – exist and await removal.

Even if Trojan.Bredolab has not downloaded malware yet, it is unlikely that this Trojan is the only threat active on your operating system. According to our research, this infection is spread via spam email attachments, but it can be distributed using drive-by download attacks as well. It is possible that several different infections have entered your operating system packaged together, and you need to eliminate them all. If the malware on your operating system does not block Internet connection, you should install a malware scanner right away. A reliable tool will help you figure out which threats are active on your operating system, and you will have a better chance at being successful with manual removal. Of course, we do not advise this option because most users are inexperienced and might cause irreversible damage to their operating systems.

Do you know how to delete Trojan.Bredolab manually? The list below shows the files that require removal, as well as the value that you need to remove to disable this infection from starting upon startup. As mentioned previously, this infection can inject itself into authentic files or use their names to conceal malicious files, which means that the removal of this infection is incredibly complicated. Moreover, the infections installed along with this threat or downloaded by it could be even more complicated. Unless you are sure you can eliminate malware manually, we advise using anti-malware software capable of eliminating computer infections manually. Make sure you use a legitimate tool, such as SpyHunter, to have the best results.

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How to manually remove Trojan.Bredolab

Files associated with Trojan.Bredolab infection:


Trojan.Bredolab processes to kill:


Remove Trojan.Bredolab registry entries:


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