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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Screen Watch

If you are a fan of movies, you may think that it is a great idea to have a browser extension like Screen Watch, but you would be wrong, unfortunately. Let us explain why we think so. This new Google Chrome extension is very similar to Seen On Screen and TVHero. As a matter of fact, it is just another useless but potentially risky tool, i.e., a potentially unwanted program, or PUP. You may not be exposed to direct threat by having this extension in your browser, but it is possible that it displays questionable ads and links that may take you to malicious pages, which may indeed cause system security issues by dropping malicious infections or scamming you out of your money. This is why we think that you should remove Screen Watch from your PC and all other threats that may have come along with it if you installed it in a questionable way.

There is a supposed promotional page,, but it would disappoint you as there is no content at all apart from a dark gray background and a one pixel dot. You may consider this suspicious enough to delete Screen Watch from your system if you have already installed it, but, of course, there is more to it. The only place we have found where this PUP is actually available for direct installation is the Chrome web store at Please note that there is always a small window that pops up at the top whenever you are installing an extension, which shows you the permissions you are about to give. This tool particularly ask you to agree with five different permissions it needs to operate. It is important that you read these through carefully because you may not want to go on with the installation once you realize what this extension may be capable of once you activate it.

The bigger issue here is obviously that fact that this PUP can also be found distributed in free software bundles. These software packages, unfortunately, can carry a number of PUPs and other, more dangerous threats like malware infections (adware programs, browser hijackers, Trojans, fake warnings, and more). This is why it is not advisable to download programs and cracks from shady P2P websites, such as torrent and freeware sites. These usually promote malicious installers that may contain more than you ask for. It is also important that you stop clicking on third-party ads because that is another way for you to drop such PUPs or even bundled threats. Finally, if your PC is infected with malware, there is always an increased possibility to infect it even more. Therefore, you should run a trustworthy malware scanner right after you delete Screen Watch.

This PUP changes certain browser settings in your Google Chrome browser when it is installed. For this capability it may also be considered as a browser hijacker. You new homepage and new tab page becomes "". Your default search provider is also altered to The problem is that this feature search page can expose you to questionable content. Basically, this tool provides you with easy access to movie news, trailers as well as to other popular websites. However, let us remind you that you do not need a questionable tool to be able bookmark any page you want using the built-in function of your browser.

This search engine is also one that you should not trust since it can show you modified Google results. In other words, this PUP can modify the original results to include promoted affiliate content, such as ads and links. But what if an affiliate is not reliable? And, for that there is no guarantee whatsoever anyway. You may get redirected to unsafe websites and drop malicious threats onto your computer. If you would like to keep your system protected, we suggest that you remove Screen Watch as soon as you can.

Finally, we are here with the solution. If you have made up your mind about this PUP, we have included our guide below that you can use even if you are not an experienced user. Nevertheless, you may not be able to detect and eliminate all other potential and malicious threats from your PC. So, it may be best to install a professional malware removal application like SpyHunter. Such security software, when kept updated and activated, can protect your computer against all known malicious as well as potential threats. Of course, you still need to keep every other program up-to-date as well for best protection.

How to remove Screen Watch from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and go to More tools.
  2. Open Extensions.
  3. Locate the unwanted extension and click on the Trash can.
  4. Press Remove.
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