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Danger level 6
Type: Trojans


VirTool.HiddenRun.B is a malicious Trojan downloader that is guaranteed to cause you many unwanted computer problems.VirTool.HiddenRun.B will install itself onto your computer without your knowledge or consent and once it is there, it will be very hard to detect and get rid of. This is why VirTool.HiddenRun.B should be avoided as it is very difficult to get rid of. It also will cause the victim many computer problems and symptoms that will be extremely unpleasant.

VirTool.HiddenRun.B may go by the following names:
• VirTool.HiddenRun
• VirToolHiddenRun
• VirTool HiddenRun

VirTool.HiddenRun.B may display some of the following symptoms:
• If you feel like somebody is watching you.
• Your computers performance may slow down dramatically.
• Your computer may become very unstable.
• Files may appear on your machine that you didn\'t install.
• Are you receiving security notifications?
• Is your computer feeling unfamiliar to you?
• Are strange things happening with no explanation?
• If your browser got redirected to a site you never went to.

VirTool.HiddenRun.B is an evil Trojan that needs to be removed from your machine, immediately upon detection. It is highly recommended that you make use of the automatic removal process, which will detect as well as give you the option of automatically removing VirTool.HiddenRun.B for you. Don’t allow VirTool.HiddenRun.B to take over your machine or your life.

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How to manually remove VirTool.HiddenRun.B

Files associated with VirTool.HiddenRun.B infection:


VirTool.HiddenRun.B DLL's to remove:


VirTool.HiddenRun.B processes to kill:

Remove VirTool.HiddenRun.B registry entries:


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