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Search Tuner

Have you acquired the Search Tuner extension? If you have, you probably initially thought that this tool would get your search results boosted; whatever that means. The extension supposedly can “configure” the browser’s default search to improve the results shown and to enhance the overall web browsing experience. It all sounds wonderful until you realize that searches are redirected via search.searchtuner.com. The extension redirects via this search tool to search.yahoo.com, but you should not just assume that you are safe interacting with Yahoo Search results. The potentially unwanted program (PUP) claims that the results are enhanced, and that means that the original Yahoo Search results are modified. There is a great possibility that the results shown to you cannot be trusted, which is one of the reasons we advise removing Search Tuner. If you are not sure that this is the move you want to make, or if you are unsure as to how you can delete the PUP, continue reading this report.

At the time of research, the suspicious Search Tuner was compatible only with the Google Chrome web browser. Unsurprisingly, this potentially unwanted program is offered to Chrome users via the Chrome web store, chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/search-tuner/mohmhmkbibldckfhmhdigbdkkmplniba. Unfortunately, both reliable and unreliable extensions can be found represented via this reputable source. The official website representing the PUP is searchtuner.com. In the center of the page, you can find a big red “STREAM MUSIC NOW – FREE!” button, which might confuse users and trick them into thinking that the extension actually enables free music streaming. It does not. That is an important reason to delete Search Tuner from your operating system too. After all, you should never trust programs that slither in using misleading disguises. Have you not downloaded the PUP yourself? If that is the case, you might have acquired it by accident when downloading something else. Unfortunately, in this case, it is possible that you will need to remove other undesirable pieces of software as well.

Although the installer represented via the Chrome web store informs that search.searchtuner.com would be introduced as the default search provider, it is still fair to classify it as a browser hijacker. It does not change the homepage or the New Tab because it does not have an interface. Instead, it works as the default search provider, which is why not all users will notice it at all. And if Yahoo Search was chosen as your default search provider before the installation of Search Tuner, you might not notice the activity of search.searchtuner.com at all. As mentioned previously, the search results can be modified, and even though the extension is meant to boost the quality of results, it is most likely that the party behind will include sponsored content. What is the purpose of that? They could use a pay-per-click system, in which case, every sponsored link you click on could be used to collect a promotion fee. It is also possible that Search Tuner is built for the purpose of promoting the links of one specific party. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you would not encounter malicious or misleading links, which is why we encourage you to delete the potentially unwanted program.

If you delete Search Tuner, the suspicious search.searchtuner.com will be eliminated as well, and your normal default search provider will be restored. If you have never erased unwanted Google Chrome add-ons, you can follow the simple instructions below. This is not the ideal option if your operating system and browsers are invaded by other threats that also require removal. If these threats are simple, and there are not many of them, you might be able to delete them all by yourself. But if you discover many infections, and they are too complicated for you to handle on your own, it is best to install anti-malware software. You should install this software even if you can successfully clean your operating system and browsers yourself because it can help you with overall protection. If your system is protected reliably, you will not face PUPs, hijackers, or malware in the future.

Search Tuner Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F keys.
  3. Click More tools and then Extensions.
  4. Find the undesirable extension.
  5. Click the recycle bin on its right.
  6. Select Remove.
  7. Restart the browser.
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