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Danger level 6
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Shows commercial adverts


BatBitRst is considered to be adware, which means if the application enters the system it may show the user irritating pop-ups or other advertisements belonging to the third party. Moreover, our specialists have also found out the program might be capable of downloading doubtful software without the user’s knowledge. Therefore, we believe it is best to erase the adware as soon as possible. No need to worry, if you have no idea how to handle BatBitRst as the removal instructions you can find at the end of this article could help you to get rid of it manually. Also, the application can be deleted with automatic features, so if you would like to use an antimalware tool instead, you could do so as well. For those who wish to learn more about this unreliable tool, we advise reading the rest of our text carefully.

First of all, we would like to talk about the adware’s distribution. Our specialists say BatBitRst could be spread with bundled software installers. For example, users might download them from unreliable file-sharing web pages. This is precisely why our researchers always recommend staying away from web pages distributing pirated software. Such sites can be used by hackers to spread various threats. In some cases, bundled applications could be installed automatically without even asking your permission if the installer appears to be malicious. Even when the installer allows to deselect unwanted bundled tools users often do not pay any attention to the given terms and overlook this option. Thus, to keep the system clean from various threats it would be smart to be more attentive during the installation process, although it would be even safer to stay away from unreliable file-sharing web pages.

During BatBitRst’s installation it should drop files with random names in some or all of these paths: %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%, %PROGRAMFILES%, %APPDATA%, %LOCALAPPDATA%, %WINDIR%\System32, and %WINDIR%\SysWOW64. All of these files should also appear on %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks. By placing them there, the adware would create tasks set to start the application automatically every time the user turns on or restarts the computer. Later on, it was noticed the suspicious tool could download an extension called ScriptGate. According to our researchers, this particular plugin might be needed to show the user advertisements. The bad news is this might be first, but sadly not the last doubtful tool downloaded without the user’s knowledge. Apparently, the program may connect to a server called and through it install even more untrustworthy programs on the system.

After BatBitRst is installed, it could start gathering information related to the user’s browsing habits. Such data might be used to merely determine user’s interests so that the adware may show more tempting advertisements. However, no matter how inserting such content may look, we would advise users to try to stay away from it as much as possible. As you see, it is entirely possible the advertisements could belong to various third parties. It means they might come from multiple web pages and also lead users to them as well. For example, if the ads come from unreliable web pages they could show fake lottery winnings, ask to participate in fictitious surveys, suggest installing more adware or other untrustworthy applications, and so on. In the worst case scenario, the ads could even lead to web pages containing malware, e.g., Trojans, viruses, and so on.

All things considered, we believe it would be safest to eliminate the suspicious program as fast as you can. This way, the adware may not have the time to show you suspicious advertisements or download any other untrustworthy software. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to check the system for other possible threats. If you choose to remove BatBitRst with an antimalware tool, you could erase it and check the system at the same time. All there is to do is pick a reliable antimalware tool and start a system scan. The other way to delete the adware is to find data belonging to it and erase it bit by bit manually. To make this task easier, we placed step by step instructions at the end of this text.

Remove BatBitRst

  1. Tap Win+E.
  2. Find the listed paths one by one:
  3. Locate files belonging to the adware, e.g., EdEGIIX.exe, aqvWXcuoNgS, aqvWXcuoNgS.bat, and so on.
  4. Right-click the described files one by one and press Delete.
  5. Go to this location: %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks
  6. Find a few files created by the threat, e.g., guVuxYChKd, dzopercomjhar, and so on.
  7. Right-click them and choose Delete.
  8. Exit File Explorer.
  9. Open your browser’s extension menu and erase the ScriptGate plugin.
  10. Close the browser.
  11. Empty Recycle bin.
  12. Reboot the system.
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