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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine

If you find in your browsers when you open them, it may mean that you have been infected with a browser hijacker. In all fairness, we must also mention that it is possible that you installed this featured search page intentionally, but it is quite unlikely. This hijacker can present to you potentially risky third-party ads and links; and this is not all. It is also possible that it sneaks onto your system with other threats since these infections rarely travel alone. This clearly means multiple malware threats on your system as well as multiple possibilities to be exposed to malicious content while you are online or your computer is switched on. So, if you would like to use a secure computer, we recommend that you remove from your PC right now.

This malware infection comes from an ever-growing family of questionable tools and browser hijackers called the Polarity family, which includes dozens of similar or identical threats, such as,, and Your Email Accounts Toolbar. It is most likely that you did not install this browser extension knowingly. How is this possible at all? Well, not too complicated when you tend to visit shady torrent or freeware sites (e.g., ) to download free movies, free programs, or cracks. These sites usually promote bundled software. This means that there could be several malicious programs and potentially unwanted applications alongside legitimate free software all packed together in an installer. If there is a chance that you have installed such a bundle lately or clicked on questionable third-party ads while visiting suspicious websites (betting, gaming, online streaming, and porn), your PC could be infected by hijackers, Trojans, fake alerts, and adware programs as well, to mention a few possibilities. This is why it is important that you scan your PC with a reputable malware scanner after you delete

It is also possible that you actually want to install and use such a tool, and somehow you find the official page at This is a rather simple page like in the case of all other Polarity browser hijackers. If you click the Continue button, you will end up on the Chrome web store page,, if you are using Chrome, of course. Before you install such a tool, though, it would be wise to run a web search first to see if it is a reputable extension at all, not to mention if it is beneficial to you.

This browser extension provides you with quick links to popular e-mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. You can click on these links on the pseudo-toolbar or below the main search field. While you can use these pages relatively safely, we would like to mention that this tool is totally redundant since you can always bookmark pages that you tend to visit frequently. This browser hijacker may collect information about your online activities and browsing habits to present to you customized content. The downside of this is that cyber criminals may show up as affiliates and use third-party ads and sponsored links to lure you to their malicious websites to infect you or to scam you out of your money. This search page forwards all your search keywords to a manipulated Yahoo search results page. In other words, this is how you can be exposed to questionable third-party content and cause system security issues for your computer. No wonder why we feel that it is best to remove from your PC as soon as possible.

If you want to make sure that you eliminate this browser hijacker without a trace, we advise you to reset all your infected browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Please follow our instructions below if you do not know how to reset your browsers. Remember to always keep your programs and drivers updated because your PC can be vulnerable for cyber attacks if you were to use outdated software. If you want real protection in your virtual world, we suggest that you start using a reputable anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter. This security software can automatically identify all possible threats and eliminate them effectively.

Remove from your browsers

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and pick Settings.
  2. Scroll down all the way and click Advanced.
  3. Scroll down again and click Reset.
  4. In the confirmation window, click Reset.

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+T and open Internet Options.
  2. Choose the Advanced tab and press Reset.
  3. Select Delete personal settings.
  4. Press Reset and press Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Alt+H and go to Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Click Refresh Firefox.
  3. Click Refresh Firefox again in the confirmation window.
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