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Package Access Helper

Package Access Helper appears to be a legitimate system component belonging to the Android operating system. Apparently, it is used by the system when the user is installing or deleting applications. However, recently, there were reports claiming that instead of helping with the mentioned processes the application might cause crashes or even drain the device's battery. Unfortunately, even with the reports suggesting there is a considerable problem with Package Access Helper there are no solutions yet to stop this component from malfunctioning. This is why at the moment of writing we cannot provide any instructions, and so instead of them, we will list a couple of things you could try to do if you keep seeing errors from the mentioned application. As for more information about this problem, we invite you to read the rest of our article.

To begin with, one of the versions, why Package Access Helper process is malfunctioning, is that the device, on which the error appears, incorrectly installs/uninstalls or updates applications. As a result, the mentioned processes cannot be finished, and so they keep running in the background. Naturally, because of this, the device can run out of battery faster. Thus, some say the problem could be solved by merely reinstalling such applications or updates, but this method may not work for everyone.

Some of the users’ reports claim the Package Access Helper process does not allow to install new tools or the component's error shows up only when trying to install tools from the Google Play store. There are also users who managed to install their desired software by directly downloading an older version of it. The problem is, in such case, the old version might make the device more vulnerable to threats. That is because usually vulnerabilities are found with time and then fixed by releasing new updated versions. In other words, by using an outdated tool, you might risk exposing your device to threats that could be able to exploit such tool's vulnerabilities. Therefore, this is not a solution we would advise you to try.

What’s more, the research shows the issues with Package Access Helper may not only drain the device’s battery but also make it reboot the system out of nowhere or make the incorrectly installed applications crash all the time. Because of these activities, some think the mentioned process might be malicious, but as we said at the beginning of the article, it seems to be belonging to the Android operating system and so should be a legitimate component. Provided, the application was malicious the user would notice more suspicious behavior. For example, if the process was potentially harmful it could show lots of suspicious advertisements, lead the user to scam web pages or other malicious sites, show fake system alerts, and so on. In such case, IT specialists recommend checking the device with a reliable security tool as fast as possible.

The frustrating truth is there is still no answer why Package Access Helper sometimes starts malfunctioning. Also, since there are various ways it might do it, there are also lots of different suggestions of what to do if you keep seeing Package Access Helper error. Just as we promised in the beginning of this article a bit below it, we will list a number of suggestions of what you could try to do to fix the issues related to the application in process. Hopefully, one of them will help you solve this problem. Plus, if you are experiencing the same issues with your Android device or have any questions related to this problem, you could leave a comment below this article as well or contact us via social media.

Get rid of Package Access Helper error

  1. Reinstall the program you were downloading when you saw the error in question.
  2. Reinstall all recently downloaded or updated applications.
  3. Get all the available updates from the Google Play store.
  4. Try the Factory reset or clearing the system’s cache partition (temporary system data).
  5. If the device is under warranty, you could seek for help from the manufacturer.
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  1. Sam Graff Aug 11, 2018

    I hv been having. This on. Every phn I've had.. Please help

  2. Sam Graff Aug 11, 2018

    I've had this on every phn I've had. Please help

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