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FilmsPro Search Extension

You should not install FilmsPro Search Extension if you expect that it will improve your web searching experience in any way because it is not very likely that you will find it very beneficial even though it promises to enable users to perform films-related web searches straight from their Google Chrome browsers by typing m and then pressing TAB. Also, research conducted by specialists working at has confirmed that this browser extension is nothing more than a potentially unwanted program that might act in an undesirable way. Applications that belong to this category are not considered serious malicious software, but they still have noticeable drawbacks. You will find more about FilmsPro Search Extension if you continue reading this article. The provided information should help you to decide whether or not to remove this piece of software. In the opinion of our experienced researchers, users should not keep suspicious software installed on their computers. If you decide to delete FilmsPro Search Extension from your system too after you get more knowledge about it, read the last paragraph carefully and then erase the browser extension using the removal guide provided below the article.

Research has shown that you could really perform web searches by typing m and pressing TAB if you install FilmsPro Search Extension; however, it does not mean that it is a very good idea to do that because you might see some modified search results that might expose you to potential threats by redirecting you to dubious websites. This finding did not surprise us at all because FilmsPro Search Extension changes the default search tool to All users’ searches are redirected through this suspicious domain and then is opened for them. These modified search results might not look harmful at all, but you should do all it takes to avoid them. Do not think that it will be easy to do that because these search results do not differ much from the rest of the search results returned to users. In the worst-case scenario, you might be taken to a page that promotes untrustworthy applications or contains malicious links after clicking on any of these modified search results. Of course, these are rare cases.

Disable FilmsPro Search Extension today if you do not want it to record information about you too because it has turned out that it collects some details about users automatically. These are details linked to users’ browsing activities, interests, and habits primarily. Since this piece of software is just a potentially unwanted program, it could not access any personally-identifiable information if you do not provide it yourself voluntarily, e.g. use personal details as your search queries.

What else has made FilmsPro Search Extension a potentially unwanted application is the fact that this piece of software might affect users’ web browsers without their knowledge. Some users install this extension while installing EZbrowsing Search or New Browse extensions because it is presented to them as an additional offer during the installation of these browser extensions. Others download it directly from the Chrome Web Store ( voluntarily; however, there are still many people who are sure they have not installed this extension themselves. Potentially unwanted applications often travel in software bundles. Users install them next to other programs, which is why they do not know anything about their installation. Last but not least, researchers say that FilmsPro Search Extension might also be promoted via pop-up advertisements. These advertisements might be displayed to users when they visit certain websites, or they might see them appearing on their screens out of the blue because they have adware installed on their computers. Even though potentially unwanted programs are not harmful treats, it would be best not to allow them to enter the system. It is not always easy to recognize and then prevent them from entering computers, so you should have security software enabled on your system all the time. It will not allow more dangerous infections to slither onto your computer as well.

You do not need to have a special tool to be able to disable FilmsPro Search Extension because it is not a harmful threat. You just need to access the add-ons manager and remove it through this tool. Below-provided instructions will help you to access it and delete the undesirable browser extension manually.

Delete FilmsPro Search Extension

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Select FilmsPro Search Extension.
  6. Click the recycle bin button.
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