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StreamFrenzy is a tool that is meant to help you stream music, but you must not expect it work like popular music streamers, such as Spotify, Pandora, or Last.fm. Once this tool is installed, it represents itself as a search engine that displays links to third-party websites, one of which is radio.live-streaming.online. This website provides a search engine, via which you should be able to find different “stations” playing the songs you are interested in. Basically, the extension is useless, and you should not even install it. Why is the program so useless? That is because its creator is unlikely to have put in much effort in making it useful. It appears that the main feature of this extension is the search tool that is allegedly “enhanced by Google.” Via this engine, the creator of the PUP (potentially unwanted program) can promote sponsored links, and if you interact with them, money might be earned. Overall, there is nothing useful about the extension, and that is why we suggest deleting it. If you wish to remove StreamFrenzy too, we have a guide for you.

The official installer of StreamFrenzy is offered at streamfrenzy.com by Linkury and APN, LLC. According to our research team, this extension is very similar to Screen Addict, which is another PUP, and it also has a connection to APN, LLC. Others PUPs that are linked to this company include GetEasyArcade, SportsHero, and YourDailyTrailer. We recommend deleting them all. If you land on the official StreamFrenzy download page, the chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/streamfrenzy/dkeihdiajpenlodoaffemeajmmcilgji installer is offered to you. According to the warning issued via this page, if you download the PUP, it will read your browsing history and downloads, modify your New Tab, and also change the data shown on the sites you visit. Do you still think that this potentially unwanted program is reliable? You might be unaware of all of these things if you end up downloading the PUP via a random installer, which could offer it bundled with malware. Do you have a suspicion that malicious software exists on your system? Even if you do not, it is wise to install a malware scanner that will quickly do an inspection to determine what you need to remove from your operating system. Hopefully, it is just the PUP that requires elimination.

The search engine that is attached to StreamFrenzy reroutes searches to search.mysearch.com. It is represented via the extension’s interface on New Tab, and it also takes over the default search provider. This search tool cannot be trusted because it allows the developer of the PUP to showcase sponsored content. Although you might be used to seeing ads when browsing the web, not all tools can be trusted with that. Google, for example, screens the ads that are shown, and it is safe to say that the sponsored links are not harmful. When it comes to StreamFrenzy, you do not have this guarantee. Add this to the fact that the tool does not serve you beneficially, and you have the perfect reason to delete it from your operating system. If you are still hesitant to remove this PUP, just remember that it does not function properly, and there are plenty of better and more efficient music streaming services available.

There is no reason to postpone the removal of StreamFrenzy because this potentially unwanted program does not work right and using it as a search tool could lead to unreliable and malicious websites. If you are hesitant to eliminate this PUP because you think the process is lengthy and complicated, you can rest assured that a few simple steps are all that it takes to delete StreamFrenzy. If you are still not sure, use the guide below. Of course, this option is suitable only if the PUP exists without other malicious infections around. If malware exists, employing an anti-malware program is the right move. Install it and keep it updated to ensure that all unwanted and malicious programs are eliminated and that your operating system and web browsers are safe at all times.

StreamFrenzy Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  3. Click the recycle bin next to the name of the unwanted extension.
  4. Select Remove and then restart the browser.
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