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nJoyMovies Search Plus

If you are worried about your Chrome browser because it is modified by nJoyMovies Search Plus, continue reading to learn why you should consider removing this application. The nJoyMovies Search Plus application is a browser extension allowing you to use various search tools, switch to a private mode, and access various links. These and other features of nJoyMovies Search Plus are presented in the Chrome Web Store, to which users are redirected from the official website The official website promotes 10 similar applications, all of which are compatible with Google Chrome and aimed at enhancing user experience by proving access to movie-, music, and game-related websites. The seemingly useful program nJoyMovies Search Plus is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), which can get on your computer through pop-up advertisements, not only from the websites mentioned.

Once on the computer, nJoyMovies Search Plush adds its button to the browser so that you can open its drop-down search window containing a search box and links to movies and cartoons. Your searchers are redirected through the server before you are provided with modified Yahoo search results. Even though the Yahoo search is considered a reliable and reputable search engine, the fact that it is employed to deliver search results to your browser should be taken into consideration. In order to increase the chance for a user to click on a specific link, cyber fraudsters are capable of deceiving search engines' crawlers into displaying links that redirects searchers to completely different content than indexed by the search engine. In order to avoid landing on a click-bait website or any other ill-purposed webpage, you should fix your browser so that you can browse the Internet as usual.

You should also bear in mind that your browsing behavior may be monitored by nJoyMovies Search Plus and the server to which you search queries are redirected. Browsing behavior includes non-personally identifiable information, such as search terms, clicks, advertisements viewed, browser type, and some other information. Additionally, you should be aware of what permissions the browser application received during the installation. Very often, free browser extensions request for permissions that are not necessary for them to function flawlessly. In order to use the Internet safely, without the risk of getting deceived, you should not ignore the applications you install to your browser.

The nJoyMovies Search Plus extension is likely to be promoted by pop-up ads, which is not surprising for freeware. Ignoring pop-ups or web banners promoting free browser extensions is highly advisable, because a single click on the advertisement may lead to unwanted consequences. Adware servers sending ads to your screen are usually not responsible for the content delivered to you. Such ads may appear in front of you while browsing ad-supported website; moreover, they may be displayed at any time by an adware program installed to your computer without your knowledge. There are many different ways for advertisers to reach you if you do not take any preventative measures. To prevent unsolicited advertising-related issues, stay away from unreliable websites and keep your operating system protected.

Enabling yourself to browse the Internet safely is not a complex task, because all that you need is a reputable security tool that can fight off multiple threats after removing already existing ones on the computer. We recommend implementing a professional security tool so that you can browse the Internet safely, but if you are determined to keep everything as it is, at least remove the nJoyMovies Search Plus browser extension from your Chrome browser.

To remove nJoyMovies Search Plus, follow the instructions given below. If you should have any question regarding nJoyMovies Search Plus or malware prevention, feel free to leave your questions in the comment box.

How to remove nJoyMovies Search Plus

  1. Click the button with three vertically placed dots.
  2. Select the More Tools option.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Select the nJoyMovies Search Plus extension and click the Trash icon to remove the unwanted application.
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