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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine

You may notice in your browsers upon launching them and do not even remember installing it. You should know that this is a browser hijacker that can show up as your homepage and put your system security at risk with its potentially unreliable content. This hijacker can collect information about you and surprise you with customized web search results that may contain harmful ads and links as well. Another issue with this threat is that it can enter your computer along with other malicious software installers and this can make your PC even more vulnerable. If you would like to feel safe using your computer, we suggest that you remove immediately.

It is easier to infect your browsers with this browser hijacker than you would possibly think. It is enough for you to click on unreliable third-party content, such as ads, links, and fake buttons, and you could directly install it even without your knowledge. You may also open a new tab and get redirected to a malicious page that would try to force to add this search engine to your browser if you want to leave the page. Yet another possibility is that you see a pop-up ad while surfing the web, which warns you to install a certain security tool because there is allegedly a virus on your system. And, the list goes on since these schemers are quite the creative kind. If you may have infected your system this way, it is possible that you can simply delete from your browsers and otherwise your PC may be free of threats.

Of course, you can also infect your system with this hijacker when you install a freeware bundle that you downloaded from a suspicious torrent site. Such file-sharing pages are well-known to promote malicious bundles containing all kinds of malware threats and potentially unwanted programs as well. You always need to be alert when you install one because you may be able to deselect all the unwanted tools and browser setting changes if you choose the custom installation option or if you read the installation screens properly, including the license agreement. It is also essential to know that when your PC is infected with adware or browser hijackers, you can be exposed to unsafe third-party content anytime you go surfing the web. We advise you to act now and delete Once you are done with that, you should also scan your system with a reliable malware scanner to find all other threats as well.

This is a typically useless and potentially risky search page from the good old Polarity Technologies Ltd., who has given us dozens of similar and sometimes identical browser hijackers. This particular search page also has the characteristic features (e.g., the News and Local Weather quick links) on the usual fake toolbar as well as on the thumbnail link panel below the main search field. It is possible that you may be safe clicking on these links except the News and Local Weather ones since those do display questionable third-party ads and not one, too. This browser hijacker may gather data about your online activities and use it to promote customized third-party content or may even share it with questionable third parties. Unfortunately, you cannot trust the search results even if you land on a Yahoo search results page. This hijacker may inject its promoted affiliates' ads and links in this results page, which would be risky to click on. However, you would not know which ad or link is safe to click. Therefore, we suggest that you remove from your PC as soon as possible.

If you are ready to act, you can use our guide below this report to manually eliminate this threat. We also advise you to check your system and erase all other threats you may find. You can either do this manually if you are skilled enough or use an automatic malware removal application like SpyHunter. But even if you are lucky enough to install such security software, you need to keep all your programs up-to-date at all times in order to avoid certain cyber attacks.

How to remove from your browsers

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+T and go to Internet options.
  2. Choose the General tab and click Use default.
  3. Press OK.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Alt+T and navigate to Options.
  2. Select General on the left.
  3. Press Restore to Default.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and open Settings.
  2. Mark Manage on startup pages under On Startup.
  3. Select Open a specific page or set of pages.
  4. Click the menu next to the homepage URL.
  5. Choose Edit.
  6. Modify the homepage URL.
  7. Click Save.
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