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Danger level 6
Type: Keyloggers


Keylogger.PCTattletale.a is a keylogger which is able to record all your information. It is able to monitor your internet activity as well as record every single key that you type. Keylogger.PCTattletale.a can be seen as malicious spyware that is able to monitor every single action that you do on your computer, as well as record every single key that you type on your keyboard. With the amount of internet crimes that are taking place, across the world on a daily basis, your information is not something that you want online attackers to be able to record and get hold of, in any way, shape or form.

Keylogger.PCTattletale.a may go by the following names:
• Keylogger.PCTattletale
• KeyloggerPCTattletale
• Keylogger PCTattletale

Keylogger.PCTattletale.a may display some of the following symptoms:
• Some of your system settings may change.
• It may feel like somebody is watching you.
• Your internet connect may become slower.
• Your computer performance may decrease.
• Files may appear that weren\'t there before.
• Your computer may become unreliable with no explanation.
• Shortcuts from the Start Menu may disappear.
• Things may start running that you didn\'t install.

Keylogger.PCTattletale.a needs to be removed from your machine, unless you want everything you do recorded and watched. It is suggested that you invest in a decent malware detection application that is able to run an entire system scan on your computer and is also able to detect Keylogger.PCTattletale.a on your system.

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How to manually remove Keylogger.PCTattletale.a

Files associated with Keylogger.PCTattletale.a infection:


Keylogger.PCTattletale.a processes to kill:


Remove Keylogger.PCTattletale.a registry entries:



  1. Aang Dec 2, 2015

    I feel like you do on this subject. There is pltney of good stuff out there to pile on our computers to make it safe but it is hard to stay ahead of the bad stuff. I've actually put some keystrokers on my computer that were supposed to protect my family. So your words are appreciated, but the picture is what caught my eye. It was perfect for the post.

  2. Sawyer Dec 2, 2015

    I feel like you do on this subject. There is

  3. Kader Dec 4, 2015

    I have thanks for menontiing it. I have not used it, but it sounds like a similar concept. The important thing is that you can't get around it and it covers all of the necessary channels internet, chat, email, etc. Even accessing applications like iTunes and Craig's list can give your kids access to pornographic images.

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